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Chiller Systems
Why Unger Meat Company Uses Zero Zone

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Product Overview

For over 25 years, Zero Zone has provided custom refrigeration chiller systems for ice rinks and a variety of industrial systems. The chillers are indirect refrigeration systems, utilizing propylene or ethylene glycol. Chillers remove heat from a liquid through a mechanical refrigeration cycle when large capacity cooling is needed . Chiller systems are used in many applications including food processing, distilleries, and manufacturing.

The Zero Zone design uses multiple compressors; this allows for lower operational costs because it better matches the load. For ice rinks this means using more compressors to freeze the ice and fewer to maintain the ice surface. Most Zero Zone ice arena packages include two refrigeration racks, providing redundancy and ensuring that one is always operational. Customers are very pleased with both the reliable performance of our refrigeration chiller systems and their unparalleled energy efficiency.


Product Description


  • Welded steel frame

  • Reciprocating, scroll, or screw compressors

  • Horizontal or vertical receiver

  • Electronic valves

  • Single point electrical connection

  • Phase monitor

  • Oil failure controls

  • Sizes depending on application

    • 5 ton to 500 ton loads

  • High, low, or medium temp application

  • Condenser configuration

    • Water cooled

    • Air cooled

  • Controls based on application

  • ETL listed



  • Oil management system

  • Refrigerant options

    • Natural, DX, or mixed

  • Leak detection control systems

  • Heat reclaim

    • Water or air

  • Seismic rated options

  • Stackable compressor configuration



  • 1 year from date of original installation, not to exceed 15 months from the date of factory shipment

  • Additional 1 year compressor warranty with purchase of ZZR Oil Management System

  • Extended 4 year compressor warranty optional