Product Overview

Remove the Heat with Glycol

Glycol refrigeration systems from Zero Zone are available for use with glycol or CO2 as the secondary coolant. Glycol secondary cooling systems are gaining a foothold in the industry and are known for decreasing catastrophic refrigerant leaks. They use earth-friendly chilled natural refrigerants to help remove heat from display cases rather than relying solely on traditional refrigerants typically used in direct expansion systems.


An Energy-Efficient Design

Zero Zone glycol refrigeration systems are highly reliable and unlike other traditional coolants, glycol increases temperature holding time for a more consistent temperature throughout the system. Glycol refrigeration systems encounter less refrigerant leaks due to increased efficiencies throughout the system. Being a natural refrigerant, glycol is also much more environmentally friendly.


Tailored to Your Needs

Glycol refrigeration systems offer customizable features to a time-tested standard design, tailoring the system to meet your exact requirements. Let us know what you need. We are listening.