High-contact surfaces like door handles need to be cleaned often, but they cannot be disinfected after each use, especially in grocery and convenience stores where there are always other things to do. What if retailers could choose a handle that literally cleans itself? Wouldn’t that be the socially responsible thing to do? Gain a lifelong partner in the latest Zero Zone product, a game-changer with naturally invincible antimicrobial power: the Copper Ally™ door handle.

Copper itself is antimicrobial, a natural benefit that Zero Zone pursued when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Zero Zone found an expert who has manufactured copper handles for nearly a century. Their specialty includes copper handles for hospitals, and if this handle is good enough for the ICU, it is certainly good enough for shoppers and stockers. The Copper Ally™ door handle is manufactured out of EPA-registered antimicrobial copper alloys in FIFRA-listed facilities, uses 94% recycled materials, and is proudly made in the USA.

The Copper Ally™ door handle comes in a soft champagne color that complements any display case and store décor. Both handle styles—the Copper Ally™ 90 and the Copper Ally™ 128—are always at work maintaining 100% of their antimicrobial properties, giving you and your shoppers peace of mind for years to come. No amount of time, or even tarnish, will make these handles lose their effectiveness in the fight against harmful pathogens.

Isn’t it time for some good news? Put your trust in the antimicrobial Copper Ally™ door handle, the only handle that cleans itself 24/7/365… forever! You’ll be glad you did. Contact your Zero Zone sales representative today.

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