Product Overview

ArmAssist™: The Hands-Free Door Handle Accessory

Door handles everywhere are high-contact surfaces that pose a risk for transmitting diseases. This is especially true for door handles at your local grocery and convenience stores. In response to coronavirus COVID-19, retailers have valiantly increased their cleaning protocols, but they cannot disinfect every surface after every use, so inevitably some risk lingers between cleanings.

Zero Zone cares about our retail partners and their shoppers. Because of the potential for the spread of disease, our team has innovated a hands-free accessory for our reach-in display case door handles. The patent pending ArmAssist™ is a lever that attaches to door handles to help shoppers open the door with their arm instead of their hand. Shoppers use their forearm to pull open the door, which eliminates the need for hand-to-handle contact.

Intuitive to Use

Shoppers instinctively know to reach out and use their arm on the ArmAssist™ to open the display case door. It is easy to understand and comfortable to use. Shoppers appreciate this proven, hands-free alternative, which gives them peace of mind as they stock up on essentials in the refrigerated and frozen food sections of your supermarket, grocery, or convenience store.

Easy to Install

The installation process is practically self-explanatory, with the durable pieces fitting together in a way that makes it easy to install correctly. Simply assemble and the ArmAssist™ is ready to guard against hand-to-handle contact.


The Zero Zone ArmAssist™ is designed to fit a wide variety of handles, including:

Zero Zone CoolArc™

Zero Zone Classic

Zero Zone Crescent™

Anthony Soft-touch

Anthony Slimline

Anthony VistaArch

Contact your Zero Zone sales representative for additional details at 800-247-4496.