Everyone is taking precautions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Frequently touched surfaces can carry bacteria for hours until they are cleaned, especially high-contact surfaces like door handles. To assist shoppers and stockers at supermarkets, grocery, and convenience stores, Zero Zone is arming our partners with our own hands-free door opener: the ArmAssist™!

The ArmAssist™ is a lever that is applied to door handles to help shoppers open doors on display cases. Using the ArmAssist™ is simple. Put your forearm into the lever and pull open the door, and then reach inside with your opposite hand to grab refrigerated and frozen foods. Once you are done, let the door’s closing tension pull it closed. You have successfully shopped from the case without having to touch the door handle. No hand-to-handle contact! Watch our video demonstration to see how simple it is.

Zero Zone is also pleased to partner with Sciessent. Their Agion® Antimicrobial silver ion technology is added to the plastic of our ArmAssist during the manufacturing process. Both Zero Zone and Sciessent are proud to serve our retail heroes and shoppers.

Our engineering team designed several adapters that allow the ArmAssist™ to be installed on a variety of door handles from Zero Zone and Anthony. The ArmAssist™ is a breeze to install. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver. Check out the ArmAssist™ product page for instructions and the full list of handles.

Retailers everywhere have valiantly increased their cleaning protocols because of COVID-19, but they cannot clean each handle after every use. That is why we bring you the ArmAssist™, always on the job, ready to help. Arm your stores with the ArmAssist™. Contact your Zero Zone sales representative today!