Product Overview

Superior Performance and Reliability

Whether you are building a new facility or retrofitting an existing facility, you can count on Zero Zone to deliver the right solution for your refrigeration needs. The Zero Zone design uses multiple compressors; this allows for lower operational costs because it better matches the load. For ice rinks, this means using more compressors to freeze the ice and fewer to maintain the ice surface. Customers are very pleased with both the reliable performance of Zero Zone Refrigeration Chiller Systems and their unparalleled energy efficiency.

Flexibility Is Key

Because Zero Zone designs ice rink refrigeration systems specifically for each customer, the system is more flexible and runs more efficiently. Ice rink managers have total control and can adjust temperatures to accommodate their requirements. This is a major advantage because ice rink managers can easily change the hardness of the ice surface and have the option of raising temperatures when the rink is in standby to save on energy.

Energy Recovery & Reduced Operating Costs

For added convenience and increased energy savings, Zero Zone Ice Rink Refrigeration Systems can be installed with a heat reclaim system. Instead of wasting heat produced by your industrial refrigeration equipment, these systems recover the energy and use it for under-slab heat, ice pit melt, space temperature, and humidity controls. The end result is significantly reduced energy bills, a much more comfortable rink environment, and a more profitable bottom line.

Custom Engineered for You

Customers can conveniently modify their ice rink refrigeration systems to meet their exact specifications. There are a number of optional features Zero Zone offers, including:

  • Indoor or outdoor configuration
  • Air-cooled, evaporative-cooled, or water-cooled
  • PLC controls with Internet remote access
  • Shell & tube or plate heat exchangers
  • Glycol or brine secondary coolant
  • Environmentally-friendly chiller options
    • CO2 refrigerant
    • Ammonia refrigerant