Glass Door Merchandisers with 24″ x 63″ Doors
*Not available in the U.S. market after 03/24/2017*

Product Overview

Merchandising Made Easy

Available in 4′ (2-door), 6′ (3-door), 8′ (4-door) or 12′ (6-door) case lengths, every RVCC24 features a French door design that benefits both employees and shoppers. With both doors opened, this glass door merchandiser spans 48″ wide, making stocking and merchandising a breeze and creating a more comfortable shopping environment. Also available with all left-swing or all right-swing doors.


100% Usable Interior

With its large interior height, retailers are able to fit a noteworthy 129 ft³ of product and display more than 64 ft² of product facings per 6-door case. Inside the case, adjustable shelving allows retailers to customize their product layouts to suit their needs.


A Height Retailers Appreciate

Products are displayed 14″ off the ground, the traditional bottom basket height, which allows retailers to easily maintain a consistent merchandising height throughout their entire store. Beneath the product sits a bottom-mount coil that is easily accessible without the use of any tools. The bottom-mount coil allows retailers to merchandise products all the way to the very top of the case.