Reach-In Display Coolers with 30″ x 74″ Doors

Technical Resources

Look for state and federal incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency in your area: Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)
Obtain proof for incentives for ChillBrite™ Lighting from the DesignLights Consortium: DLC Qualified Products List

Product Overview

Up to 84% Annual Energy Savings

Sitting behind 74″ tall CoolView™ doors, your products are kept at a consistent cool temperature. Couple that with its built-in 6′ Zero Zone ChillBrite™ LED lighting and our most efficient coil technology, and you have a recipe for reduced utility bills and increased sales.

“Energy savings are incredible and product display is one of the best that we have seen in the industry.”

– Store Manager


Up to 50% Less Shrink

Thanks to its energy-efficient design, this reach-in display cooler can reduce product shrink by as much as 50%. Retailers feel confident they are serving shoppers the freshest products possible.

“Since we began using the Crystal Merchandiser®, our shrink on bagged salad and cut fruit has been reduced by as much as 50%. The consistent temperature is key.”

– Produce Manager

Up to 35% More Facings

Whether you want to increase product variety or simply just be able to merchandise more products visible to shoppers, the RVMC30 reach-in display cooler is designed to maximize interior space. Because of its crystal clear visibility, shoppers can easily see products down an entire lineup.

“The variety has increased dramatically. These cases just hold so much more. We’re really thrilled with them.”

– Store Owner

Up to 25% More Packout

Featuring a 100% usable interior, the Crystal Merchandiser® reach-in display cooler was designed to maximize product packout. Remove products from your back room and reduce employee stocking labor costs with the RVMC30.

“You get a better vertical set with these cases than you would in an open air case because you can adjust to what you want. So, you can actually improve variety.”

– Store Manager

More Options for You

RVMC30 Deep

Featuring a 4 3/4″ deeper bottom basket, this display case can hold up to 22% more products across a 5-door lineup.

Rear Load Accessibility

Both the standard RVMC30 and deep version can be ordered with rear load accessibility, which makes stocking and merchandising even easier.

Hybrid™ Model

Eliminate the need for a refrigeration system in your back room with a field-installed top-mount condensing unit kit. Hybrid™ display cases allow for superior accessibility, making installation and maintenance simple.


RVMC30 Deep

Responsible Energy Conservation

Your customers might be interested to know that your new display coolers save up to 84% in annual energy costs over open multi-deck cases. This is good for the environment and helps keep your operating costs down with lower utility bills. For every Crystal Merchandiser® case purchased, the new “Responsible Energy Conservation” decal is provided to help you share this message with your customers.

ArmAssist™ Hands-Free Door Handle Accessory

Look, Ma…No Hands!

Looking for a more sanitary way for shoppers to open your display case doors? Look no farther than the Zero Zone ArmAssist™, the hands-free door accessory. Learn more at Your shoppers will thank you.