Multi-Deck Display Cases with Doors

Product Overview

Whatever the Case May Be

Our retail partners asked for a display case with the merchandising flexibility of our open multi-decks crossed with the energy efficiency of our reach-in display cases. Make way for the Reveal Merchandiser® with Doors!

The Reveal Merchandiser® with Doors was developed through active collaboration between the Zero Zone team and our retail partners, so you know it was designed to meet your needs. Take a look at this case that was born through our partnership with you.

“It was a challenge to add doors to the Reveal Merchandiser®, but our engineers overcame that and designed a visually appealing case which takes significantly less energy to operate.”

– Eric G., Project Manager

Reveal Merchandiser® with Doors Features

  • CoolView® Ultra™ French-swing doors
  • Bright, even ChillBrite® LED vertical lighting
  • Either 83″ or 88″ tall
  • Great fit and finish
  • Sleek and elegant design

Reveal Merchandiser® with Doors Benefits

  • Product freshness
  • Continuous, uninterrupted display
  • Maximum facings and packout
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Up to 71% lower operating costs than open multi-decks

The Reveal Merchandiser® product line has flourished and grown ever since its launch in 2017, adding Tall, Meat Exclusive (MX), Produce Exclusive (PX), Hybrid™, and now with Doors! Whatever the case may be, Reveal™ is right for retailers.

“The Reveal Merchandiser® with Doors complements its other Zero Zone case counterparts, creating a sleek, consistent appearance throughout the store. Choosing Zero Zone merchandisers will pull your entire store design together.”

– Dan O., President

Look for state and federal incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency in your area: Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)

Obtain proof for incentives for ChillBrite™ Lighting from the DesignLights Consortium: DLC Qualified Products List

Reveal Merchandiser® is a registered trademark of Zero Zone, Inc. in the United States.