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improve energy efficiency, performance, and sales

Supporting RETAIL, COMMERCIAL, AND INDUSTRIAL Clients Nationally

Our talented support, engineering, and design teams provide unmatched service to clients across the country. Our wide range of adaptable display cases and custom refrigeration systems improve energy efficiency, performance, and sales.
Display Cases

Industry-Leading Display Cases Designed and Built in the USA

Drive product sales, improve your consumer experience, and display more product with ease with our complete line of reach-in coolers, freezers, and hybrid cases. Our display cases provide unmatched exhibition capacity with more room for packout and facings, higher energy efficiency, and reliability for retail applications.
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Meat & Deli
Frozen Foods
Refrigeration Systems

Innovative, Scalable Refrigeration Systems Designed for Efficiency & Reliability

Ensure the effective execution and reliability of any size refrigeration system with our engineering expertise, technical assistance, on-site support, and customizable solutions built on-demand for your specific needs. We use a wide array of refrigerants, product configurations, and customizations to develop end-to-end solutions that meet the needs of small to large build projects with energy efficiency, ease of installation, and durability in mind.
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Blast Chillers
Pharmaceutical Storage
Cold Storage
Food Processing
Ice Rinks
Retail Markets

Knowledge Center

We provide the resources, technical information, and live support your business needs to ensure the success of your project.

Hybrid Merchandiser™ Installation

Reveal Merchandiser Installation

STMA Ice Arena ColdLoop CO2 Transcritical Chiller

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Choose Zero Zone?

A legacy of trust, communication, and product integrity.
Proven track record of success
With over 60 years of experience, our clients include major retailers and pharmaceutical companies in the industrial sector.
Best-in-class quality
We conduct 1,000 quality checks during production to guarantee the highest quality, setting the standard in its class.
Product when you need it
With a 99% on-time delivery rate and 12-week lead times on cases, we ensure precise product delivery when you need it.

We've Always Been Green

Zero Zone dares to present customers with a unique value proposition: quality products that require fewer resources to assemble, use less energy, last longer, and have lessened environmental impact, both during manufacture and in actual use.
Our Sustainability Philosophy