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Preserve the Freshness of Your Product with Quality Display Cases by Zero Zone

Display Cases

Zero Zone takes pride in its diverse selection of refrigerated display cases, designed to cater to retail spaces of any scale, ranging from large supermarkets to local stores. Our product lineup, featuring the Crystal Merchandiser®, Highlight Merchandiser®, and Reveal Merchandiser®, is specifically engineered to boost sales, enhance customer experience, and effortlessly showcase a wide array of products. When it comes to low and medium temperature applications, our product families have set the industry standard.

Our display cases offer several benefits including:

  • Flexibility and style for creative product merchandising
  • Maximum facings & packout
  • Thickest foam panels in the industry
  • Reduced energy costs by as much as 84%
  • LED lighting & high-efficiency fan motors
  • Solid construction & superior accessibility
  • Ease of installation & maintenance
Crystal Merchandiser
Highlight Merchandiser
Reveal Merchandiser
Reveal with Doors

Reach-In Coolers

Zero Zone’s reach-in coolers offer a wide range of features and options to meet every need and provide customers with flexibility and style for creative product merchandising. Our products can be used in applications such as dairy, deli, floral, produce, beverage, and fresh meat.

Our innovations include an option with the coil on top, in our Crystal Merchandiser® line that maximizes facings. With our deep cases, customers can fit four 30-packs of 12 oz. cans.

Reach-In Freezers

Zero Zone’s reputation soared with the introduction of our reach-in freezers, which showcase the highest quality materials and a long-lasting design.

Explore all that our Crystal Merchandiser® freezers and Highlight Merchandiser® freezers have to offer and find your perfect fit. These impressive cases give your shoppers an unobstructed panoramic glimpse of your products, which drives shopper engagement while ensuring the quality of your frozen goods.

Multi Decks

The Reveal Merchandiser® open multi-deck display cases have earned immense popularity among retailers due to their remarkable merchandising capabilities. The Reveal Merchandiser® product line now includes 3-deck and 4-deck options for produce and fresh meat, standard 5-deck cases, tall 6-deck cases, and even a model with doors. With its sleek design, efficient packout, and extensive facings, opting for the Reveal Merchandiser® unifies your entire store with other Zero Zone reach-in cases, creating a cohesive and appealing shopping environment.

Hybrid Display Cases

Experience the best of both worlds with Zero Zone Hybrid™ freezers and coolers, which seamlessly integrate the advantages of self-contained display cases with the selling power and dependability of supermarket cases. These remote cases come with a remarkably easy-to-install, top-mount refrigeration kit. With exceptional durability and flexibility, our Hybrid™ display cases present a reliable and versatile solution for presenting your refrigerated and frozen food products.

Why Zero Zone?


Zero Zone crafts its products with today’s modern retailer in mind, proudly manufactured in the USA with the utmost commitment to quality and innovation. Our offerings cater to your requirements for flexibility, style, and energy efficiency, driving sales across your store. We take pride in delivering responsive and personalized service, ensuring you receive the attention and support you rightfully deserve.


In building our new store right at the edge of the French quarter, we placed a lot of thought and focus into the décor and overall feel of the store. Zero Zone proved to be an excellent match for what we were trying to accomplish.

- Marc Robért III, General Manager - Robért Fresh Market