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Engineered for Success

Parallel Rack Systems

Our Parallel rack systems can be customized to any retail or Industrial applications and provide you the flexibility and reliability that you need.

  • 1,000 quality checks are performed
  • Hundreds of systems across the United States for new and retrofit projects
  • Each system is designed to your needs

Parallel Rack Systems Overview

Our Parallel rack systems provide increased efficiency using microprocessor-based control systems that adjust the capacity of the system to accurately measure the product load on refrigeration racks.

At Zero Zone, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled responsiveness. The knowledge and expertise of our engineering team is second to none, which is why we can communicate effectively and efficiently with our customers. An efficient team and durable system are the recipe for our successful engineering.

Features of the Parallel Rack Systems

With versatile compressors running in parallel, an intelligent rack controller, and a robust design minimizing leaks, this system ensures optimal energy efficiency, stability, and durability. Its configuration allows for space optimization whether it is indoors or outdoors.
Ultimate Control
With options of highly efficient compressors (reciprocating, screw, or scroll) you have ultimate control on a system that is flexible.
Built to Last
The enduring strength of the Zero Zone Parallel Rack System lies in its robust construction. Utilizing a solid steel frame and streamlined refrigeration piping, the system minimizes joints and potential leaks.
Energy Efficiency
The Zero Zone Parallel Rack System is designed with a primary focus on optimizing energy efficiency, ensuring that the system operates at peak performance while minimizing energy consumption.
Customized for Your Needs
Zero Zone offers custom solutions to meet diverse needs, whether it's a horizontal or vertical electric cabinet, stacked compressors, circuit or loop piping, heat reclaim, split condensers, or other unique system features.

Standard & Options Table

Enhance your experience with a range of optional features tailored to your unique needs.
R-134A, R-404A, R-407A, R-449A, R-507, Genesys™ Ammonia Systems (R-717), Genesys™ CO2 Systems (R-744)
Reciprocating, or Screw
Control Systems
Danfoss, Micro Thermo, RDM controls
Horizontal Receiver(s)
Vertical Receiver(s)


Detailing our parallel rack systems designed for both indoor and outdoor installations.
Indoor Parallel Rack

Maximize space efficiency with our indoor parallel rack packaged refrigeration systems. The systems are delivered with complete integrated piping, wiring, controls, etc. to save time with install. It is ideally suited for machine, utility or equipment rooms.

Outdoor Parallel Rack

Maximize space efficiency with our outdoor parallel rack (OPS) packaged refrigeration systems. Install them on a concrete pad or the roof, freeing up valuable space. Featuring hinged or removable panels, our systems protect contractors from the weather while providing easy access to all interior components.

Structure & Sizing Options

Explore our Structure & Sizing Options for tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.


Wide range capacity, from 10 tons to 100 tons or more


Wide range capacity, up to 250 tons low temp and 500 tons medium temp

End-Mounted Condenser

End-Mounted Condenser

Top-Mounted Condenser

Top-Mounted Condenser

Double Wide Tall OPS

97” High x 94” Wide

Double Wide OPS

61” High x 94” Wide

Single Wide OPS

61” High x 60” Wide