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We take pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality refrigeration solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. Joining Zero Zone means joining a team that is passionate about providing reliable, energy-efficient products that help businesses thrive. Lead your career in a direction that aligns with your aspirations. Forge a career tailored to your lifestyle within our company dedicated to refrigeration. Join an environment where your voice is not only valued but essential.

Lead your career in a direction that aligns with your aspirations.

Forge a career tailored to your lifestyle within our company dedicated to refrigeration. Join an environment where your voice is not only valued but essential. Together, let’s embark on the journey of constructing a sustainable world, making a meaningful impact through our collective efforts.

Our culture

Our company culture is a source of pride, serving as the driving force behind positive mindsets, vibrant energy, and a flourishing work environment.

Our commitment

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Zero Zone It is a shared responsibility to foster an environment that is diverse, inclusive, and accountable, ensuring that employees from various backgrounds and lifestyles experience a genuine sense of belonging, mutual respect, and kindness. Our commitment is to cultivate a workplace where everyone is empowered to express their authentic selves, embrace their individuality, and progress together. Through these efforts, our goal is to make a positive impact on the world where we live, work, and engage in meaningful activities.

The Process Explained

1. Phone Screening

A Company Representative will reach out to you to discuss the job opportunity, ask about your motivation, and possibly schedule a first interview.

2. First Interview

You will meet the Hiring Manager, or a team member and discuss your work experience with the Company Representative. This interview will also give you a better understanding of the position.

3. Assessments

Upon invitation to the second interview, you will receive two assessments – a personality questionnaire and a capacity test. The assessments can be completed from home and will take approximately 50 minutes. The Company Representative may also provide a position-specific assignment if needed.

4. Second Interview

The Company Representative, along with the Hiring Manager, or a team member, will conduct the second interview. If a new person is included, they will be introduced briefly. At the end of the interview, the results of the assessments and assignment will be discussed.

5. Job Offer

The Recruiter will send the job offer via email and follow up with a call to explain the offer. If you accept, the HR department will send you the contract to sign electronically.


If you are interested in working with us, but don’t have any experience in your desired field yet, we are more than happy to help you with your first steps.
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Employee Testimonials

It’s all about people. Let’s hear them out.

Aubrey Nabong • Wiring Technician • 1.5 Years

North Prairie, WI - I am currently a wiring technician on the line at Zero Zone and it has been a fantastic learning experience. I enjoy coming to work for the amazing team. Management encourages employee success, and they make sure that everything runs smoothly to create a positive workplace environment. Zero Zone also presents new challenges every day that gives opportunities to learn.

Brad Michaelis • Facilities Supervisor • 30 Years

North Prairie, WI - Zero Zone consistently stands out in the industry for its commitment to innovation and excellence. My journey with Zero Zone began as a production employee on the assembly line. The company's dedicated support enabled me to pursue and achieve my degree, fostering a culture of continuous professional growth that propelled me into supervisory and managerial positions.

Hannah Ludwig • Mechanical Technician • 1.5 years

Dyersville, IA - Zero Zone is not your regular factory job, as a Mechanical Tech I get to see the how the systems progress from start to finish. Our team takes pride in their work, and we are always looking to learn something new. It is great to work with such a welcoming team and company. I look forward to learning and growing with this company.

Dave Krambeck • Mechanical Technician • 6 months

Dyersville, IA - Zero Zone offered me an opportunity to learn a new trade and skills. The on-the-job training I received has helped me grown in my position. My co-workers are great to work with and it is wonderful to see the Midwest work mentality show through.

Bethany Semrow • Digital & Marketing Specialist • 1.5 Years

North Prairie, WI - Zero Zone Inc. stands out as an exceptional employer that prioritizes both personal and professional development. Commencing my journey as a Sales Correspondent, I expanded my expertise in inside sales. Transitioning into my current position as a Digital & Marketing Specialist, I've benefitted from numerous growth opportunities, thanks to Zero Zone's innovative mindset.

Nikki Sellner • Manufacturing Technician • 1 year 9 months

Dyersville, IA - I came to Zero Zone looking for something different and looking for a new challenge. What I found was a family orientated company, where I feel valued, and the CEO knows my name. I enjoy coming to work every day since I am always learning something new, they offer great growth opportunities, and it helps that we have a great team to work with.

Our Locations

Wisconsin Office

110 N OAKRIDGE DR NORTH PRAIRIE, WI 53153 Toll Free: 800-247-4496

Minnesota Office

6151 140TH AVE NW RAMSEY, MN 55303 Toll Free: 800-247-4496

Iowa Office

2336 INDUSTRIAL PARKWAY SW DYERSVILLE, IA 52040 Toll Free: 800-247-4496