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A Hybrid™ for Any Situation

Hybrid Display Cases

Zero Zone Hybrid™ Display Cases seamlessly blend the benefits of self-contained display cases with the selling power and reliability of supermarket cases. These remote cases, equipped with an easy-to-install modular top-mount refrigeration kit, offer superior durability and flexibility. Whether your grocery applications include bakery, beverage, dairy, deli, floral, frozen food, meat, produce, or seafood, our Hybrid™ merchandisers provide a dependable and versatile solution for enhancing your refrigerated and frozen food products.

Reasons to opt for Hybrid:

  • Installation is versatile and minimally disruptive, needing only electrical service
  • Combines the product facings and capacity of a remote case
  • Eliminates the necessity for a plumbing floor drain
  • The field-installable refrigeration system enables the case to fit through an 80″ doorway


Zero Zone’s Hybrid Display Cases stand as a testament to our unwavering pursuit of technological advancements and expertly tailored engineering. These cases are thoughtfully designed with pre-wiring and pre-piping for a seamless start-up experience. They also boast a customized control module equipped with an LED display and electronic switches. By conducting extensive quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process, we confidently deliver efficient performance and reduced maintenance for your satisfaction.


Available for all our product lines: Crystal Merchandiser®, Highlight Merchandiser®, and Reveal Merchandiser®.
Space-Efficient Design
A 2-door Hybrid™ Case has the same capacity as a typical 3-door, self-contained unit and saves 12" of floor space.
Easy Installation
The case and condensing unit are pre-wired and labeled. Refrigerant is pre-charged and does not require brazing or evacuation.
Leak-Free Connections
Secure refrigeration connections virtually eliminate leak concerns.
Advanced Control
Electronic control includes time clock, temperature and defrost control, visual and audible temperature alarm, and network communication capability.
Condensate Removal System
Includes a condensate pump, float switch, a condensate evaporation pan with a heating element, and the connecting tubing.
1 Door
The 1 Door Hybrid Case offers an excellent option for showcasing grab-and-go items, ensuring easy access and providing a versatile display solution. This case enables convenient product placement and grants flexibility when arranging your store's layout.
Standard Feature
Exterior Color
Black or White
Black or White
Black or White
Interior Color
Black or White
Black or White
Black or White
ChillBrite® 4,000K
ChillBrite® 4,000K
ChillBrite® 4,000K
22", 24", 27" Solid Black or White 2 Position
22" Solid Black or White 2 Position
22" Solid Black or White 2 Position
Door Type
CoolView® Envision® Black
CoolView® Illusion® Black
CoolView® Ultra Black (Doors Only)
Refrigerant Connection
Refrigeration Out Back
Refrigeration Out Back
Refrigeration Out Back
Electrical Connection
Electric To Bottom
Electric To Bottom (Low Temp), Electric Out Top (Medium Temp)
Electric Out Top


Air-Cooled Condensing Units (ACCUs)

ACCUs define the Zero Zone Hybrid™ product line, powering the reliable display cases you trust. ACCUs can be set up per case or as a lineup, depending on your needs. These are perfect for small format stores, such as convenience or dollar stores, and they can be used for special displays in medium or large stores.

  • Optional network communication capability is available upon request.
  • Noise reduction kits with insulation help contain sound.
  • 20 1/4″ tall aluminum shroud standard, with other options available.

Responsible Energy Conservation

Your customers might be interested to know that your new display coolers save up to 84% in annual energy costs over open multi-deck cases. This is good for the environment and helps keep your operating costs down with lower utility bills. For every Crystal Merchandiser® case purchased, the new “Responsible Energy Conservation” decal is provided to help you share this message with your customers.