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Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration Systems

Zero Zone offers a wide array of refrigeration system choices, each tailored to the distinct to the distinct demands of diverse commercial and industrial uses. Whether it’s parallel and outdoor parallel racks, electrical mechanical centers, distributed systems, condensing unit skids, condensers, condensers, evaporators, or the innovative Genesys™ Natural Refrigeration Solutions, Zero Zone offers a solution that aligns with your precise needs. Our systems are renowned for their robust design, straightforward installation, and upkeep. We have a highly responsive sales team committed to promptly addressing your inquiries.

Our refrigeration systems offer several benefits including:

  • Expert Design for Supermarket & Industrial Applications
  • Support Toward Sustainable Resource Management
  • Lower Cost of Ownership & Higher Return on Investment
  • Custom-Engineered Systems for Your Unique Needs
  • More Horsepower & Greater Flexibility
  • Ease of Installation & Maintenance
  • Reliability & Long Life
  • Superior Accessibility
  • 1000 Quality Checks

Commercial Refrigeration Systems

With a history since 1974, Zero Zone’s Refrigeration Systems Division provides high-quality refrigeration rack systems and excellent customer service for the commercial and food retail industries. Our products include various systems like parallel racks, electrical mechanical centers, and more. Zero Zone systems are known for their design integrity, easy maintenance, and personalized support. We perform up to 1,000 quality checks on every system, ensuring long-lasting reliability. Contact your Zero Zone Sales Representative today!

Applications/Use Cases:

Commercial refrigeration plays a crucial role in various industries where temperature-controlled storage and the preservation of goods are essential. Here are some common use cases for commercial refrigeration:

  • Supermarkets and Grocery Stores
    Zero Zone offers a wide range of refrigeration systems that help supermarkets and grocery stores efficiently store and display perishable products.
  • Convenience Stores
    Zero Zone’s refrigeration systems are also commonly used in convenience stores to keep beverages, snacks, and frozen foods at the optimal temperature for customers.
Mechanical Center Install in Alberta, Canada
Outdoor Parallel System Installed in Louisiana, USA
Industrial Install in Maryland, USA

Parallel Rack Systems

Zero Zone’s parallel rack systems are custom-engineered solutions designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industrial and commercial markets. These systems are developed with a keen focus on maximizing energy efficiency and preserving your products. Each system is tailored to meet the specific cooling requirements for your application. With Zero Zone, you can expect a well-designed, durable, and energy-efficient refrigeration system that can be customized to your unique needs.

Distributed Refrigeration Systems (EDGE)

Zero Zone Edge™ distributed refrigeration systems offer flexible design options with pre-piped liquid dryers and suction filters, simplifying installation and lowering costs. These systems come in vertical or horizontal models and can be tailored to meet retailer requirements. Instead of a few large systems, multiple smaller units are placed near cases or walk-ins, reducing piping and installation expenses for retailers.

Electrical Mechanical Centers

Zero Zone Electrical Mechanical Centers provide a weatherproof enclosure with a robust steel frame and insulated panels for refrigeration systems. They come prefabricated, pre-piped, and pre-wired, saving installation time and costs. These centers house both low-temp and medium-temp racks with single-point power and full controls. Each center is custom-engineered and rigorously quality-tested before shipment, ensuring precise equipment compatibility and durability for customers.

Industrial Chiller

At Zero Zone, we strive for the highest level of quality, the best value, and outstanding customer service. Our Industrial Refrigeration Systems have a reputation for performance, quality, and reliability that provides our customers with superior product integrity. Whatever your industrial refrigeration needs may be, Zero Zone has the answer.