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Your Expert Partner in Quality Customized Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Industrial Refrigeration Systems

When it comes to multi-million-dollar developments, there’s no room for error. That’s why developers and contractors across the country look to Zero Zone for optimized refrigeration systems designed for temperature critical products and facilities.

Industrial refrigeration systems developed by our experienced team:


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Storage

Pharmaceutical Material Processing
Medication Storage
Chemical Storage
Our custom industrial refrigeration systems are optimized to ensure precise temperature control for raw materials, intermediates, and finished products to protect their integrity while safeguarding against loss. With cooling systems that reach -40, you can ensure all materials and products are stored properly.

Cold Storage & Distribution

Post-Harvest Storage
Food Warehouse Storage
Whether remodeling, upgrading, or building a new cold storage or distribution facility, we have the engineering expertise, product flexibility, and development resources to ensure an efficient system solution. We know how important it is to maintain temperature, especially in perishable distribution centers and warehouses, so we conduct up to 1,000 precision quality checks to ensure system reliability and temperature stability.

Food Processing Facilities

Fish & Seafood
Food Packing
Meat Packing
Brewery Process Chilling
Pet Food
When it comes to food safety, eliminating waste, and improving efficiency, Zero Zone is second to none. We’ll customize a long-lasting, energy efficient industrial refrigeration system that ensures precise temperatures in multiple zones with easy-to-use controls and quality products built right here in the USA.

Ice Rinks & Arenas

Professional Training Ice Rinks
Sports Arenas
Recreational Ice Rinks
For over 25 years, Zero Zone has provided custom refrigeration systems for recreational facilities with ice rinks and arenas. Zero Zone ColdLoop™ Ice Arena Chillers use parallel compression and glycol secondary loops to provide superior and consistent chilling across the entire sheet of ice, with monitoring sensors and alarms to ensure its integrity and stability 24/7/365.

Streamline Your Timeline and Meet Your Development Project Goals with Zero Zone

At Zero Zone, your project will receive 100% of our attention and resources from the discovery and quote phase through development, testing, refinement, kitting, and installation. Your dedicated team will include a project manager, product expert, and an engineer, with support of our complete industrial team, to design, develop, and manufacture a custom refrigeration system solution designed to meet your project goals.
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Ensuring Optimized Industrial Refrigeration Systems for Highly Technical Projects

Together, we’ll go over all the project details including energy goals, temperature zones, square footage, timeline, and budget.

Our engineering and planning team will develop a tiered quote with options to help you streamline your project. We’ll refine the quote based on your needs and submit for approval.

Our design and engineering teams meet to review every aspect of our industrial system solution to ensure viability, safety, and efficiency.

Once vetted and reviewed, we submit the product plans to our on-site manufacturing facilities to build every component of your project to your unique specifications. At the same time, we get to work on detailed installation instructions and kitting your materials for easier delivery and installation.

Once delivered, our engineering and field teams will provide in-field and remote support for commissioning, installation, and technical questions to ensure a productive and efficient rollout.

Our technical and engineering teams are always on-hand to help with future installation and maintenance questions.

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Refrigeration Systems

Zero Zone offers a diverse range of refrigeration systems for commercial and industrial needs, including parallel racks, electrical mechanical centers, distributed systems, condensing unit skids, condensers, evaporators, and the innovative Genesys™ Natural Refrigeration Solutions.

Display Cases

Zero Zone offers a diverse selection of refrigerated display cases for retail spaces, from large supermarkets to local stores. Our Crystal Merchandiser®, Highlight Merchandiser®, and Reveal Merchandiser® are engineered to boost sales, enhance customer experience, and showcase products effortlessly.

Retail Markets

Zero Zone excels in tailoring refrigeration solutions for retailers, aligning with their unique aesthetic, identity, and values. With extensive experience, we cater to large supermarkets and local convenience stores, ensuring a perfect fit for specific requirements