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Our Markets

Zero Zone has been a pioneer in delivering top-notch refrigeration solutions to retail stores and industrial clients since the 1970s. Throughout the years, we have adapted to changing refrigerant regulations and embraced the latest technological advancements. What remains constant is our commitment to understanding the unique needs of our customers and providing tailored refrigeration solutions to address their specific challenges. With an extensive range of products, including indoor and outdoor rack systems, reach-in and multi-deck display cases, we offer cost-saving measures and energy-efficient technology.

Industrial Markets

Zero Zone is the trusted partner for cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, food processing facilities, and pharmaceutical manufacturers in need of robust refrigeration systems. With decades of experience in the field, Zero Zone is well-versed in handling both synthetic refrigerants and leading the way in innovative natural refrigerants like ammonia and CO2. We offer rack systems with an impressive refrigeration capacity of up to 500 tons as we understand the critical importance of preserving valuable goods in these industries. Our team of experts is deeply passionate about refrigeration, and their dedication is evident not only in their work but also in their active involvement in the industry. Whatever your specific requirements may be, Zero Zone is here to create tailor-made solutions that ensure the preservation and integrity of your valuable products.
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Retail Markets

In the dynamic world of retail, each store strives to establish its unique aesthetic, identity, and values. At Zero Zone, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in tailoring refrigeration solutions to precisely match the needs of retailers while delivering exceptional value. Our expertise extends from serving large supermarkets to local convenience stores, ensuring that every retailer finds the perfect refrigeration solution for their specific requirements. Our solutions fit large supermarkets and local convenience stores, and we utilize the latest refrigerants, such as CO2, to meet government regulations. Zero Zone is a true partner and guide to retailers. Your success is our priority, and we are here to help you thrive in the competitive retail landscape.
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Discover the Distinctive Zero Zone Experience

Dive into a curated collection of premium display cases and refrigeration systems that redefine excellence in cooling solutions. Explore our products and elevate your expectations."
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Our Installations

We pride ourselves on a global presence in refrigeration system installations, delivering cutting edge solutions across diverse industries. Our expert teams ensure seamless deployment, leveraging advanced technology to provide energy efficient and reliable cooling solutions worldwide. From intricate industrial setups to commercial applications, our installations are synonymous with innovation, performance, and environmental responsibility.