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A Collaborative Effort to Help Flint, MI Residents

We’ve all heard about the contaminated drinking water supply in Flint, Michigan. Fortunately, most of us have never had to personally deal with a problem that severe.

One of our employees recently saw an opportunity to help the people of Flint in a small, but meaningful, way.

On Tuesday, February 9th, 2016, Zero Zone had a planned display case delivery to a dollar store in Flint, Michigan. Nancy Sadler of Zero Zone was coordinating the shipment and thought, “Why not send a shipment of bottled water along with our display cases? There’s room in the truck.” So, Nancy contacted a local bottled water company, Century Springs, and Mukwonago-based transportation company, Kezman Transportation. With only a short window of opportunity, they all stepped up to assist with this endeavor. When all was said and done, 80 cases of donated bottled spring water were sent to the Catholic Charities–Center for Hope, which will handle the distribution to those in need in the Flint community.

This act of kindness could not have been accomplished without the help of Century Springs, Kezman Transportation, the Red Cross in Flint, Catholic Charities–Center for Hope, and of course our employees here at Zero Zone. A big THANK YOU to all! We sincerely hope this has helped the Flint community and are proud to have an employee like Nancy who has taken that extra step to find a creative way to help others.