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Become a Merchandising Master: Create Unique Displays with the Reveal Merchandiser®

The Reveal Merchandiser® matches the diversity of your product with a variety of features. It has options for beverages, dairy, deli, meat, and produce. The multitude of lighting, shelf, and accessory options put you in control of creative merchandising. Read on to learn more about how you can “deck” out a Zero Zone Reveal Merchandiser®.

The Lineup

Before we can accessorize a display case, we have to know what we are working with. Zero Zone has four models for the Reveal Merchandiser® display case.

The Standard

  • 5-Deck maximum
  • Height: 82″ or 87″
  • Packout: 119.6ft3 with four 22″ shelves
  • Sill heights: low, medium, and high
  • Applications
    • Beverage, dairy, deli, produce, meat

Meat Exclusive

  • 4-Deck maximum
  • Height: 75″ or 80″
  • Packout: 85.7 ft3 with three 22″ shelves
  • Sill heights: low and medium
  • Applications
    • Meat

Produce Exclusive

  • 3-Deck maximum
  • Height: 80″ or 82″
  • Packout: 85.7 ft3 with three 22″ shelves
  • Sill heights: low and medium
  • Applications
    • Produce

Reveal with Doors

  • 6-Shelf maximum
  • Height: 83″ or 88″
  • Packout: 151.8 ft3 with 27″ shelves
  • Standard French-swing doors and a honeycomb holder heater available
  • Applications
    • Beverage, dairy, deli, produce

Features and Options

Beaming with Pride

Zero Zone offers LED lighting in 3500K and 4000K for the Reveal Merchandiser®. 3500K is a warm white color that is easy on the eyes, welcoming, and relaxed. There is no rush finding the perfect product bathing in this light. 4000K is a bright white that mimics cool daylight. 4000K is energized and crisp, or fresh, just like your produce. There are 3 lighting locations for the Reveal Merchandiser®: canopy, nose, and undershelf. Think spotlight, stage, and ambient lighting. Let your product show its brilliance on the stage within the Reveal Merchandiser®.

Express Your-Shelf

The Reveal Merchandiser® is available with flat and angled shelving. The angled shelving has up to 4 positions to “reveal” more of your product. The tiered shelves provide more access to products placed on the lower shelves and a better air curtain (The cold air running from the canopy to the air return on the sill and blankets your product). The bottom rack can also be flat or angled and comes in two colors: white and black. The standard shelving and wire rack aren’t the only way to support your product. Pegged hooks are available for hanging product and aftermarket shelves can give layers to your products diversity.

Meat Exclusive

The meat exclusive Reveal Merchandiser® was designed to be the perfect meat selling refrigerated display case. The warm, inviting 3500K lighting makes the meat reflect a deeper, more appetizing color. The angled shelves display rows of premium cuts. The 10-pass coil and high efficiency fans will keep the display case colder. The night curtains enhance the protection of your meat and increases nighttime efficiency. Your meat will be pampered, not spoiled.

Produce Exclusive

This 3-deck refrigerated display case is used to showcase variety in style. The angled end frames with windows add a flair to arouse your customer’s curiosity and make them ask, “What’s over there?” The specialized coil was designed to keep your produce at the optimal temperature to maintain freshness.

Reveal with Doors

Developed through a collaborative effort between Zero Zone and our retail partners, the Reveal Merchandiser® with Doors was developed to combine the packout and flexibility of an open multi-deck case with energy efficiency. This elegant display case uses Zero Zone CoolView® Ultra® French-swing doors to show product merchandised up to 88” high.


  • There are some solid choices for the Reveal Merchandiser® end panels.
    • Show another facet of your beautiful product through a windowed end
    • Place mirrors on the inside of your end panels to make the display case appear fuller
    • The end panels can be removed for joining display cases to run the length of any wall
  • Bag Dispensers
    • Add a bad dispenser to the Reveal Merchandiser® as a convenience to your customers
  • Angled Mirrors
    • Displays products not visible to shoppers farther away
  • Night Curtains
    • Add night curtains to the Reveal Merchandiser® to make it more energy efficient
  • Sill Options
    • Low
      • Reaches 22″ from the floor
      • Provides better access to individuals with mobility disabilities
      • Shows more product at the rack level
      • Available with a 6” tall glass window
    • Medium
      • Reaches 25” from the floor
      • Provides a better air curtain for larger
      • Available with a 6” tall glass window
    • High
      • Reaches 27” from the floor
      • Provides better cooling for taller products
      • Available with a 6” tall glass window

Next Steps

If you want to know more about what a Reveal Merchandiser® can do for you, visit our products page or contact a sales rep today!