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Highlight Merchandiser®: A Reliable Classic

The Highlight Merchandiser® is a durable display case with classic charm. This workhorse offers a generous packout and a spectacular, full view of your product. Whether it’s protecting your frozen food, ice cream, beverage, dairy, deli, meat, ice, or produce, the Highlight Merchandiser® is up to the task.


The 30-inch-wide Coolview® Envision® doors stretch from the ends of the case to narrow mullions between them, maximizing the view of your product. Between the pull handle and door, there is ample space for an encumbered shopper to easily access the plentiful merchandise inside. This quintessential design minimizes barriers and lets your product sell itself.

The solid kickplates, bumpers, and end panels are a telltale sign of this display case’s rugged durability. It is ready to be positioned in high-traffic areas for years of use. The top of the Highlight Merchandiser® can support up to 300 lbs., supporting your signage. Your technicians can also be supported while performing proper and regular maintenance.

We offer a high-humidity package for the Highlight Merchandiser®. This includes increased glass heat, rail heat, and mullion heat to prevent moisture buildup. Our low-temperature Highlight Merchandiser® has the option for electric and hot gas defrost. Our medium-temperature Highlight Merchandiser® has an off-cycle defrost option available.


All Zero Zone display cases are able to be forklifted from one end, saving time during unloading and allowing easy placement. To add to the ease of installation, all the components are centralized in the Highlight Merchandiser®. Installers do not need to clamber the case to work in different spots.

The upkeep of the Highlight Merchandiser® is effortless. The rack panels and bottom coil covers can be removed without the use of tools, providing easy access for servicing and cleaning. We designed the Highlight Merchandiser® to have minimum downtime and provide you with peace of mind that your product will remain on display at the perfect temperature.


Whether you are a large retailer or a small format retailer, the Highlight Merchandiser® has a model for you. The RHLC30, RHLC30T, and RHMC models are available in 1 through 5-door and back-to-back configurations. You can join multiple display cases to run the length you need. Alternatively, the single-door display cases provide flexibility in arranging your store’s layout. For a more compact model, the RHCC24 has a narrower width and is available in 2, 3, 4, and 6-door configurations.

Low Temperature


You can merchandise ice cream and frozen foods in this low-temperature display case. It has a maximum packout of 136.4 cubic feet with 24-inch shelves. The doors are 30 inches wide by 68 inches tall.


This display case is 5 inches taller than our RHLC30, providing a 7% increase in facings and packout. The added height allows for greater product diversity and reduces the need to stock. The maximum packout is 147 cubic feet with 24-inch shelves. The doors are 30 inches wide by 73 inches tall.


This ice merchandiser is available in 1, 2, and 3-door configurations. It uses the same 30-inch wide by 68-inch tall doors as the RHLC30. It has a maximum packout of 81.9 cubic feet and a load limit of 2,460 lbs. This merchandiser’s durable back and bottom rack liner protects it from the rough handling of heavy products.

Medium Temperature


The RHMC30 maintains safe temperatures for beverages, dairy, deli, produce, and meat. It has a maximum packout of 136.4 cubic feet with 24-inch shelves. The doors measure 30 inches wide by 68 inches tall.


The tall display case adds 5 inches to the height of our standard display case, increasing the maximum packout to 147 cubic feet with 24-inch shelves. The doors are 30 inches wide by 68 inches tall.


This specialty model has 24 inches wide by 68 inches tall doors that are available with a French swing, reducing the number of mullions. It has a maximum packout of 127.2 cubic feet.

The Highlight Merchandiser

Zero Zone has always been green, and all our display cases are CO2 ready. If you are interested in a sturdy, long-lasting display case, the Highlight Merchandiser® is exactly what you are looking for. For more details, visit our product page or contact a sales rep today!