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Industrial Refrigeration Solutions: Maximizing Efficiency and Minimizing Costs, What’s right for you?

What is the difference between retail and industrial refrigeration? For starters, they are at different stages in the Cold Chain, a temperature-controlled supply chain of perishable goods. This supply chain starts with storage, processing, or both. Then it moves to transportation, then arrives at the final step, distribution. Retail refrigeration exists within the distribution step; think of places that need refrigeration and have a checkout counter. Industrial refrigeration exists before refrigeration at the retail level. Before we venture into the specifics of industrial refrigeration, let’s look at some common applications where Zero Zone systems have been used.

Applications of Zero Zone Industrial Systems

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Storage
    • Pharmaceuticals, such as vaccines, need to be kept at a precise temperature to ensure efficacy and safety. The temperature needed to keep vaccines safe requires precision; the narrow range is 35.6°F to 46.4°F. You can trust Zero Zone for engineering precision. 60 pharmaceutical facilities have Zero Zone equipment in operation to date.
    • Volatility in chemical manufacturing refers to the vapor pressure of organic compounds. Weak intermolecular forces, such as those in Formaldehyde (with a boiling point of -2.2°F at 1 atmosphere), result in a higher vapor pressure and faster evaporation at higher temperatures. A stable, and reliable, temperature is required to keep product from being lost. Zero Zone has a history of reliability with technical and engineering teams on-hand to help, should a problem arise.
  • Cold Storage & Distribution
    • Cold storage warehouses exist to refrigerate and maintain the products integrity while it awaits shipping. Zero Zone conducts over 1,000 precision quality checks to ensure our reliability meets your products integrity.
    • Cold storage and distribution includes post-harvest storage, food warehouse storage, and distribution facilities for product awaiting transport to retail facilities.
  • Food Processing Facilities
    • Refrigerated processing plants are one of many steps in the cold chain where it is critical to keep food safe for consumption. The “danger zone” of bacterial growth is above 40°F. Keeping perishable food products under 40°F prevents the unwanted growth of harmful bacteria. You can trust Zero Zone to help you eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and ensure precise temperatures in multiple zones. View our case study of the system we installed at Unger Meat Company to find out how Zero Zone helped one of these facilities to achieve their goal to keep your food safe.
    • Food processing facilities include canneries, fish & seafood, food packing, meat packing, brewery process chilling, and pet food.
  • Ice Rinks & Arenas
    • Zero Zone has served the ice arenas industry since 1989, when we installed our first ice arena system at a community ice rink in Chippewa Falls, WI. The concrete under the ice needs to maintain a constant temperature to maintain ice temperature and quality, no matter if it is the hottest summer day or coldest winter night. Zero Zone ColdLoop™ provides superior and consistent chilling across the ice while monitoring ice temperatures to ensure its integrity and stability. View our case study of the Michael & Albertville (STMA) Ice Arena to find out more.
    • Zero Zone has provided cooling for many ice arenas including professional training ice rinks, sports arenas, and recreational ice rinks.


Industrial systems are typically far larger than retail. The typical low-end capacity of industrial systems is the high-end of retail. A retail system typically has 60 tons worth of cooling capacity. An industrial system typically has a cooling capacity between 100 to 400 tons. Zero Zone has designed systems with capacities as few as 10 tons to over 500 tons. Zero Zone has cooled spaces that range from 1,000 square feet to 500,000 square feet.


Zero Zone has served both warm and cool climates. We have manufactured systems for hot climates like Phoenix, AZ to cold climates like Fargo, ND. We design our systems to meet the most demanding ambient conditions like the Midwest, where temperature and humidity can fluctuate throughout the day and reach extremes in the winter and summer months.

Refrigerant Types

Zero Zone systems are able to be equipped with synthetic and natural refrigerants. Zero Zone uses CO2 and ammonia for natural refrigerants. Our Genesys™ Natural Refrigeration Solutions are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and are in service in North America. Since 2012, Zero Zone has trained and certified hundreds of service technicians on how to properly maintain our Genesys™ CO2 systems.
View Zero Zone Natural Refrigeration Solutions

Zero Zone Systems

Zero Zone has both indoor and outdoor systems and will work with the space you have. Our systems are available with a range of refrigerants from HFCs to CO­2 and ammonia. We will provide our expertise and 100% of our attention every step from discovery through installation.

The Zero Zone Edge™ XT Distributed Systems are compact and efficient. They are designed for placement in proximity to your unique requirements, lowering the installation costs with less piping. Less piping means a reduced chance for leaks to develop. The smaller and more efficient compressors provide optimal capacity staging. The distributed system can be used in Cold Storage, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, and many special applications.

Zero Zone Outdoor Parallel Racks adjust the capacity of the system to accurately match the product load. The highly customizable racks can be mounted on a roof or concrete pad. The resilient solid steel frame and streamlined piping minimizes joints, and therefore, potential leaks. Our microprocessor-based control systems give you control on these versatile systems. Zero Zone Outdoor Parallel Systems can be used in Cold Storage, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, and many special applications to meet the needs of our customers.

Industrial chillers by Zero Zone provide cooling for ice arenas and other large-capacity applications. The multiple compressors that are housed within this system adjust smoothly and efficiently to changing loads, providing constant precision cooling. Designed to serve a multitude of scenarios, the chillers can be configured with single or multiple circuits that can accommodate varying cooling demands. These chillers can be placed either inside or outside to meet your spacing needs.

System Options

Condenser or Gas Cooler: Enhance your refrigeration system and save on energy costs by cooling them with adiabatic, evaporative, or water-cooled methods. The multiple methods can provide cooling in any climate.

Optional Pump and Heat Exchanger: Get more out of your system by adding multiple pumps and heat exchangers for safety and redundancy.

Systems Controls with Internet Remote Access: Manage your refrigeration systems with state-of-the-art control systems with remote access. The remote access enhances troubleshooting capabilities to make commissioning and service easier.

Defrost Options: Electric, Hot Gas or Off-Time Defrost can be designed for your application depending on the specific needs or requirements of the project.

Compressor Stage Control: Unlike prepackaged units, Zero Zone systems have responsive compressor staging to make sure the refrigeration system is balanced to match the load.

Suction Accumulators: There are many factors that influence the reliability of a Refrigeration System. Using a suction accumulator is one way to protect your compressors from being damaged by system fluctuations.

Compressors: Whatever brand or type of compressor you prefer, Zero Zone has a solution for you! We manufacture Systems with Scroll, Reciprocating, and Screw Compressors based on the capacity of the system and the refrigerant being used. Our technical sales team can assist in guiding you to the best solution!

Split Refrigeration Systems: Maximize your investment and consider a multi-temperature system to accommodate both low-temperature and medium-temperature requirements for your application.

Our Expert Team is Waiting for You

From project inception through completion and beyond, Zero Zone is committed to delivering an efficient and reliable system to fit your specific needs. If you are interested in an Industrial System by Zero Zone, or want to learn more about our capabilities, visit our products page or contact a sales rep today.