Product Overview

A Knowledgeable Team

For over 35 years, Zero Zone has been committed to providing customers with the highest quality products, the best value, and outstanding customer service. Our team of experts can easily communicate elaborate refrigeration plans regardless of your refrigeration background.

“For a complex machine, its simplicity and putting it together at the job site was really good and easy to explain to the customer and they appreciated that. I appreciated that, made my job easier.”

– Senior Project Engineer


Performance You Can Trust

Whether you are in the food processing, cold storage, distribution, or any other industrial application, having a reliable refrigeration system is crucial for maximizing product integrity. Zero Zone Industrial Refrigeration Equipment is built with microprocessor-based controls that adjust the capacity of the equipment to accurately match the required load and maximize system efficiency.

“We’re fully monitored in every room. Those rooms are all monitored through a computer system in the mechanical center that is actually hooked up to our security of the building, so if we get any type of glitch in anything, we’ll get a phone call. We haven’t had one yet.”

– Vice President of Plant Operations

Outdoor Configuration

Based on your requirements, Zero Zone Industrial Refrigeration Equipment can be configured and installed for either indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor industrial refrigeration equipment can be installed on a concrete pad or on the roof, saving valuable interior space. Our Outdoor Industrial Systems provide 360° of weatherproof protection for your refrigeration investment and feature hinged or removable panels so contractors can conveniently service the system without having to worry about the elements.

“When my mechanics saw the rack itself, they liked it. Its got the power pistons that will hold the door up where they don’t have to take the door off and physically set it out to the side. If it is there outside in the rain, they do have some kind of cover to stand under and makes their job that much easier.”

– Senior Warehouse Manager