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John Collins Receives IIAR Award

Zero Zone is incredibly proud of the hard work and expertise that John Collins, Industrial Sales Manager – East for Zero Zone, displayed in researching, writing, and presenting his technical paper, “Analysis of Package Chiller Systems – Comparison of Natural (NH3 & CO2) and HFC Refrigerants.” He presented it at the International Institute for Ammonia Research (IIAR) 2020 Virtual Conference, and he was awarded the well-deserved IIAR 2020 Award for Presentation Excellence – Food/Retail Refrigeration.

Collins thoroughly analyzed the data from 3 ice arena chillers that used different refrigerants in order to demonstrate statistically and strategically the advantages afforded by each refrigerant. Collins applied his study by presenting his findings as practical criteria that can help buyers choose a refrigerant that matches their goals and priorities for safety, cost, sustainability, serviceability, and more.

Collins also thanks his colleagues, Global Refrigeration Manager Masood Ali and Systems Engineering Manager Adam Ciesielski, for their insight and assistance in developing and reviewing the manuscript, and Zero Zone gratefully acknowledges their collaboration.

Click here to read the full paper for yourself: “Analysis of Package Chiller Systems – Comparison of Natural (NH3 & CO2) and HFC Refrigerants”