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The Crystal Merchandiser® Effect: Turn Browsing Shoppers into Raving Fans

The Zero Zone Crystal Merchandiser® is more than a display case to keep your products cold, it is used to show off your product’s best features. The Crystal Merchandiser® is best used for floral displays, produce, dairy, deli, wine, beverages, ice cream, and frozen foods. The versatility of the Crystal Merchandiser® does not end with what can be displayed, but how its contents can be displayed.

Here is a list of 7 Crystal Merchandiser® applications in your store.

1. Floral

The Crystal Merchandiser® can be accessorized with angled bucket shelves to show off the bouquet’s colors, not the stems. The coil is placed on top to maximize packout, and the floor is galvanized for easy cleaning from drips and spills. Warm environments cause the flowers to lose water quicker, leading to sagging petals and dim colors. The French doors offer full access to the case, keep the cool air in, and protect the flowers from the rapidly changing external environment. Zero Zone’s Chillbrite™ LED lighting highlights the contrasting colors, drawing the attention of anyone within sight.

2. Wine

To refrigerate or not to refrigerate wine is a matter of debate. The science is that wine ages quicker in warmer temperatures. Keeping your wine at the proper ‘cellar’ temperature will keep its flavor from spoiling before its time. The Zero Zone Crystal Merchandiser® keeps your wine stored at the proper temperature and displays the wine in a way so you don’t have to store it for long. Decorative wood inserts blend seamlessly with the continuous shelving. The angle of the shelves allows for more of a selection to be displayed vertically behind the Zero Zone 74” tall CoolView® Ultra® Doors. The doors can also be locked, protecting your most valuable selection.

3. Adult Beverage

The Zero Zone deep Crystal Merchandiser® display cases with 30” wide doors can fit 4–30 rack cases of beer in-line. The coil is placed on top to give this display case a maximum packout of 167.5 f3 with 27” shelves. These heavy-duty shelves can hold up to 250 lbs. The doors are also customizable after installation, so you can adjust them to fit your needs. The rear loading capability of the Crystal Merchandiser® allows you to restock your products without interrupting your shoppers’ experience.

4. Meat

Keep your meat fresh with the Crystal Merchandiser® colder and controlled temperatures. The 4-position angled shelves can be used to show more of your products. Airflow accessories lift the products so the air can be at the same temperature around the meat. Lifting the meat can make it easier for customers to lift the heavier cuts. Wire baskets can be used to support frozen poultry.

5. Dual Temperature Pre-Made Meals

The Crystal Merchandiser® can also be setup to have medium and cold temperatures in the same case. An insulated divider protects deli meats and beverages from freezing, allowing you to store grab-and-go and take-and-bake products in the same display case. The low VOC caulking doesn’t outgas, keeping exposed food free from absorbing unwanted flavors.

6. Dairy

The Crystal Merchandiser® will be set to the optimum temperature to keep your dairy products fresh. The shelf pushers allow you to keep products front and center for a clear view and easy access. The peg hooks provide the ability to display products packaged to hang. The air grates limit the visibility of the easy-to-clean galvanized bottom to hide spilled milk and dropped eggs. The heavy-duty shelves provide support for rows upon rows of milk.

7. For the Coldest Storage

The low temperature Crystal Merchandiser® can keep ice cream at a temperature where it will not melt on the way home. The Coolview® Illusion® doors reach all the way to the edge, letting all your products to be seen. The Crystal Merchandiser® Ice Merchandiser has supports over its coils to protect them from ice bags being tossed. The optional stainless-steel interior also protects the merchandiser from the rough handling of ice.

Features and Options

The Crystal Merchandiser® can be equipped with an anti-sweat sensor that will turn on the heated glass and rail to eliminate condensation in high-humidity environments. The anti-fog coating on the Zero Zone Coolview® doors prevents products from being concealed. These options are available for both the 24” wide and 30” wide doors.

The Crystal Merchandiser® is ready for CO2, a natural and environmentally friendly refrigerant. This merchandiser can be equipped with motion sensors that dim the lights overnight and at times of low traffic, making it more energy efficient.

If you are interested in the Zero Zone Crystal Merchandiser® or want to learn more about its options, visit our products page or contact a sales rep today.