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Webster’s Marketplace: A Demonstration of Zero Zone Reliability

Zero Zone reliability has built a trust with customers across North America. This trust grew from our small town in Wisconsin by selling to local retailers, such as Webster’s Marketplace. When Webster’s Marketplace expands, they choose Zero Zone for their display cases. DuWayne Wichman, one of the store directors, has said in an interview, “I can’t say enough good things about [Zero Zone display cases].” Inside Webster’s Marketplace, you’ll find Zero Zone display cases in operation from 1984, 2005, 2015, 2017, and 2024.

Webster’s Marketplace



Rob and Kathy Webster founded their company in 1978. Later that year, Candie, their daughter, was born. As the company grew, the Webster’s purchased a ShopRite in the small town of Ripon, Wisconsin. Now, Candie has taken over the family business, with DuWayne as one of the Store Directors.

Zero Zone Outlasts the Competition


During this remodel, Webster’s Marketplace replaced obsolete competitor models with Zero Zone display cases. DuWayne said, “Getting parts was almost impossible, so we decided we were going to start switching to [Zero Zone display cases].” Although Webster’s Marketplace was replacing old display cases, they chose to keep a Zero Zone Maximizer® from 1984. When we asked DuWayne about it, he said, “We thought about putting new cases here. But because they were running so well, we didn’t do it.”

Dependability increases with the development of new technologies, but that’s not to say it hasn’t always been there. This Maximizer® display case hums along now, much like it did 40 years ago, and is a monument to Zero Zone reliability.

Zero Zone Puts its Display Cases to the Test


Zero Zone conducts dozens of reliability tests. Our tests include slamming the display cases’ door to test door durability and light operation, over-opening the door to test the power cartridges and torque-adjusters, environmental testing for the smallest pieces of hardware, and much more. We designed our robust display cases to minimize the need for maintenance.

Aside from the fact that they require little maintenance, the display cases are easy to service should the need arise. DuWayne said, “I’ve been here a long time and don’t have problems with Zero Zone cases. Several of my maintenance managers would agree; we were sold on Zero Zone from day one.”

More than Durable



The resilience of Zero Zone display cases was not the only reason Webster’s Marketplace chose them. DuWayne likes their depth and height. DuWayne said, “The packout is better, and the tags on shelves look better and offer better visibility to the prices and description.” DuWayne also mentioned that the doored display cases were far more efficient than the open “bunker cases.”

Zero Zone Legacy

Webster’s Marketplace has trusted Zero Zone reliability for 37 years. The longevity of Zero Zone display cases goes far beyond technological obsolescence. The ease of maintenance continues to be respected by Maintenance Managers. The large packout from the tall and deep cases is a feature held in high regard by DuWayne, “If there were talks of new cases to get, we’d have one answer: Zero Zone.”

If you would like to learn more about Zero Zone display cases, visit our products page or contact a sales rep today.