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In 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed all Robért Fresh Market locations. But 2018 marks a milestone as the New Orleans-based supermarket opened their sixth location and moves beyond the hurricane. “This particular location is a historic landmark,” General Manager Marc Robért III explained. “It was the first self-service grocery store in the city of New Orleans in 1941.” Even after being devastated by Katrina, the store still has some of the original terracotta and pine timbers.

Zero Zone provided refrigeration solutions as Robért Fresh Market rebuilt. “I worked with many vendors to get this store open, whether it was equipment vendors, décor vendors, lighting, and so on. I found that Zero Zone was an excellent vendor to work with,” Marc said.

Marc Robért chose Zero Zone to help achieve their mission of freshness. “We are Robért Fresh Market,” Marc emphasized. “We focus on fresh, locally-sourced, organic produce.” For produce and fresh meats, Marc chose the Zero Zone Reveal Merchandiser™ open case as the “impactful showstopper” at the entrance of the store. “As you walk through the front of our store and get through the vestibule, you see this case, there’s a visual line-of-sight to this case, the colors pop well, and the LED lights within the case really help bring the product to life.” He added that for vibrant products like produce and fresh meat, “eye appeal is buy appeal,” and the open display cases work perfectly for that.

For displaying other refrigerated products, he chose Zero Zone Crystal™ Merchandiser reach-in coolers and Highlight™ Merchandiser reach-in freezers. “The door cases make a very clean and neat presentation. I’ve heard concerns about putting product behind doors, but I feel that the doors create a nice, clean look to the store, and customers appreciate seeing that level of cleanliness.” Also, Marc is pleased that the Zero Zone door cases perform well in the hot, humid New Orleans climate. Marc reports that they have not had any door sweating issues.

With six locations open, Robért Fresh Market forges onward from Hurricane Katrina. They project growth for their company, and they can confidently move forward as partners with Zero Zone. “I will be using Zero Zone in the future,” he says. Zero Zone is proud to have been chosen to provide refrigerated display cases and refrigeration systems to Robért Fresh Market and wants to be your trusted partner for refrigeration solutions, too.

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