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RVLC • Where Style Meets Efficiency.

Crystal Merchandiser® Freezer

Elevate Frozen Food Performance with the Crystal Merchandiser® RVLC Reach-In Freezer by Zero Zone. Increase turnover with a massive 74″ display, LED lighting, and premium design. Contact us now!

  • 15% less energy usage than the competition
  • 4 more square feet of product facing than the competition

Product Overview: Crystal Merchandiser® Freezer

Ice Cream
Frozen Cakes
Frozen Seafood
Ice Merchandising

The Crystal Merchandiser® RVLC is the smart solution to elevate your frozen food aisles. With its expansive 74″ tall door, brilliant ChillBrite® LED lighting, expansive facings and packout, and a lineage of excellence, it is a multifaceted addition to your store that promises to enhance the shopping experience for your customers. It’s not just another pretty face; it’s a powerful asset for your business. Make the Crystal Merchandiser® RVLC a part of your store and watch your frozen food section flourish.

Features of Crystal Merchandiser® Freezer

Elevate your shopping experience and enhance the presentation of your products with the addition of a Crystal Merchandiser® Reach-In Freezer. Our reach-in freezers are expertly designed to optimize energy efficiency, accommodate a larger inventory, and showcase a wider variety of products. With our Crystal Merchandiser® Reach-In Freezer, you can take your frozen food display to the next level.
ChillBrite® LED Lighting
Enhances product appeal while lowering operational expenses.
Rugged, Reliable Structure
Internal, reinforced steel end frames ensure superior structural integrity for the entire case
Easy Cleaning
Removable honeycombs for quick and easy cleaning. The removable back panels allow for effortless and speedy cleaning. Easily removable bottom coil covers with integral air return can be removed without tools, ensuring a hassle-free and convenient cleaning process.
Easy Installation by Forklift
Engineered for easy forklift handling, this design allows lifting from either end. The reinforced bottom assembly featuring steel forklift plates not only saves time during unloading but also streamlines the installation process.
Rigorous Testing
Rigorous testing is conducted to guarantee consistent and even temperatures throughout the case, ensuring a uniform and reliable temperature performance.
Comprehensive Product Support
We employ a multi-layered approach to support our products from conception to operation. Our local sales representatives can engage with retailers in-person, offering personalized product presentations and Zero Zone solutions. Additionally, our experienced sales and service team collaborates on after-sales support, bringing their expertise in refrigeration to the table.
SSC fan motors
Deliver exceptional airflow with a reduced operational cost while ensuring proven reliability.
Surface-Mounted Doors
Engineered for optimal energy efficiency and user-friendly maintenance.
2 1/2″ Foam Panels
Keep the cold inside with the thickest insulation in the industry.
EPA Compliant
Closed cell foam insulation.
Easy Maintenance Access
A top electrical encloser provides quick and easy access for maintenance

Standard & Optional Table

Enhance your experience with a range of optional features tailored to your unique needs.
Exterior Color
Black or White
36 custom color options
Interior Color
Black or White
36 Custom Color Options
Door Type
30” x 74” Coolview® Illusion Black Heated Glass
Solid Doors, Standard Door with High Heat Package, Standard Door with Glasspack Guard
Interior Lighting
ChillBrite® 4,000K
ChillBrite® 3,500K
22” Solid Black or White 2 Position
24” Solid Black or White 2 or 4 Position, 22" Wire shelf
Refrigeration Connection
Inside Case Bottom
Refrigeration out top back, out rear, out top right, out back, Inside case bottom (hot gas)
Electrical Connection
ETB (Electric to Bottom)
EOB (Electric Out Back), EOT (Electric Out Top)


Structure & Sizing Options

The back-to-back model allows for 8 1/2″ of additional usable aisle space and up to 9% additional refrigeration energy savings on an already energy-efficient case.
Hybrid Configuration
Eliminate your backroom refrigeration system with a simple field-installed top-mount condensing unit kit. It's easy to install, requiring only mechanical and electrical service. Plus, hybrid display cases offer excellent accessibility for effortless maintenance.


Comparison to other product families
Highlight Freezer Crystal Freezer
Overview Our workhorse cooler to meet your varied needs The modern design and options add functionality to your display
Applications Frozen Food, Ice Cream, Ice Merchandiser Frozen Food, Ice Cream
Design Style Traditional Contemporary
No of doors 1,2,3,4,5 2,3,4,5
Door Width 30″ 30″
Door Height 68″ 74″
Facings (5/6 door) 68.2 ft 2 74.4 ft 2
Packout (5/6 door) 136.4 ft 3 146.8 ft 3
Tall Option  Yes (73″ door) No
Hybrid Option Yes Yes
Rear Load No No
Back-to-Back Yes Yes
Ultra Narrow No No
Back-to-Back Ultra Narrow No No
Back-to-Back Tall Yes No
Dual Temp No Yes
Deep No No
Ice Merchandiser Yes Yes
High Humidity Yes Yes

Responsible Energy Conservation

Your customers might be interested to know that your new display coolers save up to 84% in annual energy costs over open multi-deck cases. This is good for the environment and helps keep your operating costs down with lower utility bills. For every Crystal Merchandiser® case purchased, the new “Responsible Energy Conservation” decal is provided to help you share this message with your customers.