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What Do You Know About High-Glide?

Maybe you already know that high-glide refrigerants are mixtures of multiple refrigerants. Maybe you already know that the boiling point glides up as a high-glide refrigerant boils away, unlike traditional refrigerants. And maybe you can see that this complicates how refrigeration equipment is designed and operated.

But maybe this world of high-glide refrigerants is new to you. Or perhaps you are finding it difficult to explain these concepts to others. Zero Zone has developed a white paper that teaches the basics of refrigeration and shows the challenges with high-glide refrigerants.

High-glide refrigerants are gaining popularity because of their reduced GWP compared to non-glide refrigerants. We hope our observations help you operate your equipment more efficiently. Once you know the best practices for using high-glide refrigerants, you will find they are a great solution.

Have questions? Contact us and ask for our Director of Regulatory Compliance & Refrigeration Technology.