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An Open or Shut Case?

How should retailers use open multi-decks and reach-in display cases to best showcase products? We asked Mike Floersch—owner of Ray’s Apple Market in Seneca, KS—and Marc Robért III—general manager of Robért Fresh Market in New Orleans, LA—to provide some insight about their merchandising strategies.

Open Multi-Decks

Both retailers selected the Reveal Merchandiser® open multi-deck for displaying produce, citing the natural appeal of fresh fruits and vegetables being enhanced in open cases. “I did not want to put produce behind doors. I’ve been in the business 50-some years, and I felt like it presented itself well,” Floersch said.

Robért Fresh Market uses a 54-foot run of Reveal Merchandiser® cases as its big “showstopper” that shoppers see first when they enter the store. Robért Fresh Market also uses the Reveal Merchandiser® for fresh meat. “That bright red meat color really pops, and it’s all about ‘eye appeal is buy appeal,’” Robért explained. He also emphasized that products are more accessible to customers in open cases.

Reach-In Display Cases

Both retailers also chose reach-in display cases—the Crystal Merchandiser® and Highlight Merchandiser®—for other refrigerated products, such as dairy, deli, and frozen foods. The key to Zero Zone reach-in merchandisers is the CoolView® doors. The door rails and mullions have a sleek, narrow design, maximizing display area and providing excellent visibility.

Zero Zone reach-in cases perform exceptionally well for stores in humid regions like New Orleans. To prevent condensation from forming, CoolView® doors include heaters in the doors, door rails, mullions, and sills. Robért has been pleased. “With our high humidity environment, I have found that [Zero Zone] has been a perfect match and that we’ve had zero issues with sweating and humidity issues coming onto our product.”

Floersch admitted that he “was a little nervous about putting things behind doors, but I’m so glad I have.” His shoppers have told him that they appreciate the warmer environment. “A lot of stores you go into, it’s cold, and it’s because of all the open cases.” His shoppers welcome this change.

A Solution for You… Whatever the Case May Be

Whether you prefer open multi-decks, reach-in display cases, or both, Zero Zone offers a solution for your entire store. Robért says that the combination of reach-in and open cases from Zero Zone “brought the décor and the feel of the whole store together.” Floersch shared that he has experienced a 25% drop in kilowatts, which results in great cost savings each month. In the end, getting the total package from Zero Zone was the right solution.