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I’m Thinking of Something with Doors…

“You asked, we answered.” That has been the motto for the Reveal Merchandiser® ever since it was launched in 2017. Through the years, we have expanded this product line again and again based on customer feedback, as you’ve seen with our Tall, MX, PX, and Hybrid™ options. And now, we are excited to announce that the Reveal Merchandiser® can be ordered (drumroll, please)… with doors!

Retailers sought a display case with the sleek design and merchandising flexibility of the Reveal Merchandiser® open multi-deck, but with the energy savings of a reach-in case. It was an open and shut case… Reveal™ with Doors to be exact. The Reveal™ with Doors case gives you all the merchandising capabilities you know and love about the standard Reveal Merchandiser®: deep shelves, deep bottom wire racks, beautiful ChillBrite® LED lighting, and equally versatile horizontal or vertical merchandising strategies. But, the best part? Reveal™ with Doors can lower energy costs by up to 71% compared to open multi-decks! Refrigeration equipment runs 24 hours per day, so there’s no denying, putting doors on cases significantly reduces energy costs and improves product shelf life.

Thinking of something with doors? Open the door to having it all in one. Learn more about the Reveal Merchandiser® with Doors and contact your sales representative today!