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John Collins on the Forefront of CO2 Safety

As CO2 gains popularity as both a commercial and industrial refrigerant, John Collins and the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) are developing a new safety standard. According to John Collins, Industrial Sales Manager for Zero Zone, Inc. and chairman of the IIAR CO2 Task Group, this safety standard will cover each phase of CO2 refrigeration, including design, installation, commissioning, inspection, and maintenance.

CO2 refrigeration is developing rapidly, with breakthroughs in both subcritical and transcritical refrigeration. Zero Zone offers both subcritical and transcritical systems, with many new systems shipping in 2018. Existing safety regulations are either outdated or not focused specifically on CO2. Collins says the development of new standards is essential to ensure consistency throughout the industry.

The IIAR, an organization primarily focused on ammonia refrigeration, is branching into CO2 as part of an initiative to cover more natural refrigerants. This creates some challenges for the organization as ammonia is primarily an industrial refrigerant, but CO2 is available for both industrial and commercial applications. The CO2 Task Group collaborates with the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) to expand these safety standards to cover both industrial and commercial projects. The final document will be an accredited standard from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Collins, a voting member of the IIAR Standards Committee since 2013, says this opportunity has allowed him to engage with passionate and knowledgeable industry leaders. The CO2 Task Group is comprised of a core working team of a dozen volunteers, supplemented by many more corresponding members and industry leaders. Collins is “energized” to be working with this dedicated and knowledgeable group to help the industry prepare for the future of CO2 refrigeration.