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LCCU ETP: Your Low-Charge Solution

Retailers like you need low-charge refrigeration solutions to meet regulations and minimize risks, but you have struggled to find a reasonable low-charge option for your medium to large store. Zero Zone has the answer: the new Zero Zone LCCU ETP (Liquid-Cooled Condensing Unit Electronic Technology Package).

The LCCU ETP is a total package from Zero Zone that includes a condensing unit, controller, pump skid, and Hybrid™ display cases. It starts with a low-charge condensing unit, which runs on R-448A and uses a DC compressor and electronic expansion valve (EEV). Behind this condensing unit is a controller that acts as the brain behind this energy-efficient system. The controller optimizes operation, monitors performance continuously, and maintains consistent product temperature. The refrigerant is cooled by a glycol/water loop that is pumped by a Zero Zone pump skid. This system cools a Zero Zone Hybrid™ display case that elegantly showcases your merchandiser to your shoppers. The LCCU ETP is a seamless alternative to a high-charge rack system.

The LCCU ETP also has advantages over a traditional ACCU (Air-Cooled Condensing Unit). It has a low profile because the condensing unit is shorter than a traditional ACCU, allowing for a shorter shroud to hide the condensing unit on top of the display case. The condensing unit is also insulated and enclosed, resulting in a quieter option than an ACCU. Lastly, the condensing unit releases heat to the glycol/water loop instead of adding heat into the store like an ACCU.

Partnering with Zero Zone means you are getting durable and dependable equipment and superior customer service. Contact the responsive company today to learn about this new low-charge solution for your entire store.

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