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Mission: Freshness

Even though they are separated by nearly 1,000 miles, Ray’s Apple Market in Seneca, KS, and Robért Fresh Market in New Orleans, LA, share a lot in common. They are both local, family-owned supermarket chains that now each have six stores across their states, and they are proud of their history in their communities.

Most importantly, they share a common mission: freshness. “We feel like that’s where we need to be the best… perishables,” says Owner Mike Floersch of Ray’s Apple Market. “You can buy groceries about anywhere today, but if we have the freshest meat, freshest produce, people will shop with [us].” Freshness is something that brick-and-mortar retail stores are particularly equipped to deliver, and each partnered with Zero Zone to accomplish this.

Fresh Produce

Marc Robért III, General Manager of Robért Fresh Market, says that “so much of produce is about the impulse, the visual, the pop of the colors, the appearance, and the appeal of the freshness.” He decided to make produce their big “showstopper.” When shoppers enter Robért Fresh Market, they are met with a 54-foot run of open Reveal Merchandiser® cases loaded with fresh produce. “The biggest thing that we focus on serving is healthy meal options that are quick and easy for [shoppers]. In our produce department, we have an enormous, growing [selection of] cut fruit and cut vegetables.”

Fresh Meat

Robért Fresh Market also uses the open Reveal Merchandiser® for fresh meats, such as beef, poultry, and pork, saying that the fresh meat colors really pop. “It’s all about eye appeal is buy appeal,” he noted.

Ray’s Apple Market sells meat in reach-in cases instead of open multi-decks. “Our product is lasting longer. We don’t see the shrink. The product behind the doors is phenomenal how it does keep longer.” Shrink can be reduced by up to 50% by switching to Zero Zone reach-in cases. Owner Mike Floersch also mentioned that shoppers perceive the meat as fresher because of the clean appearance of Zero Zone reach-in cases.

While their fresh meat strategies are different, each found that Zero Zone offered a solution that matched their goal of being fresh.