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MX & PX: Maximizing Fresh Meat & Produce

The original Reveal Merchandiser® is a versatile open multi-deck that retailers use for all medium temp applications, and they tell us they love it. How can it get any better than that? Well, they said, “Give us Reveal cases that maximize the freshness of red meat and produce.” We loved their request, and we answered it! Meet the 4-deck Reveal™ MX (meat exclusive) and the 3-deck Reveal™ PX (produce exclusive) display cases!

Fresh meat and fresh produce naturally look appealing to shoppers. The bright red meat and colorful vegetables are eye catching, so we developed our display cases to enhance their visual appeal. We designed our newest cases for maximum product freshness with a sleek, clean exterior and a spacious interior with excellent packout. The Zero Zone ChillBrite® LED lighting puts those products in their best light with bright, even illumination.

In true Zero Zone fashion, we give you ways to customize the MX and PX cases to your needs. Choose between two case heights (75″ or 80″ for MX; 80″ or 82” for PX), two sill heights (low or medium), optional windowed ends, and optional glass fronts. These options allow you to choose the case configuration that is right for you.

Give yourself the competitive edge and keep your shoppers coming back for more. Choose the Reveal Merchandiser® MX or PX!

Visit the Reveal Merchandiser® page to learn more.