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ORMC • Appealing Display with Increased Energy Efficiency

Reveal Merchandiser® Multi-Decks with Doors

The Reveal Merchandiser® with Doors was developed through active collaboration between the Zero Zone team and our retail partners, so you know it was designed to meet your needs. Take a look at this case that was born through our partnership with you.

  • Enjoy up to 71% lower operating costs than open multi-deck cases


Fresh Meat
Fresh Bakery
Seafood & Floral

With rising energy costs, retailers asked for a multi-deck case option with doors. Zero Zone answered by adding appealing French-swing doors to the already-popular Reveal Merchandiser®.


With the Reveal Merchandiser® with doors, retailers can create a continuous, elegant display storewide while enjoying maximum facings and pack-out potential. The CoolView® Ultra French-swing doors come in either 83” or 88” height to create an appealing appearance that shoppers find inviting.
Innovative Product Lighting
Efficient ChillBrite LED vertical lighting for the brightest, most even, reliable product illumination on the market. Canopy lighting rotates to any position to maximize product appeal
Merchandising Deck
30” deep merchandising deck
Cutting Energy Costs
Built to save energy costs through features like efficient door design and LED lighting, helping our customers lower their energy expenses while maintaining optimal product display conditions.
French-swing Doors
The attractive French-swing doors keep the cold in and provide significant energy savings.
Rugged adjustable shelving, epoxy finish for durability. Multiple tilting options, product stops, price tag molding and attractive design.
Planning Options
Available with 48” wide or 24” wide shelves to suit the merchandising requirements of the project.
Easy Installation
Easy to Install with superb case to case fit and finish.
2 1/2″ Foam Panels
Keep the cold inside with the thickest insulation in the industry.
Available as a Hybrid™
The Reveal Merchandiser® is also available as a Hybrid™ display case with an easy-to-install, top-mount refrigeration kit.

Standard Features & Optional Features

Enhance your experience with a range of optional features tailored to your unique needs.
Options (available on most cases)
Exterior Color
Black, White
36 colors
Interior Color
Black, White
Brushed Stainless Steel, Black or White E-coat (Seafood & Red Meat), Galvanized
Door Type
Cool View® Ultra Black
Cool View® Ultra White
Interior Lighting
Chill Brite 4000K
Chill Brite 3500K, Chill Brite 3000K
Shelving Brackets
2-position (0° or 10°)
4-position (0°, 5°, 10°, or 15°)
Glycol, CO2, HFC
Refrigeration Connection
Inside Case Bottom
Refrigeration Out Top Back


Structure & Sizing Options

We offer multiple case length options for the Reveal Merchandiser Open Multi-Deck: 4', 6', 8', and 12'. This allows customers to choose the right size for their specific needs.
Our Reveal Merchandiser Case comes with CoolView® Ultra™ French-swing doors. These doors offer excellent visibility, energy efficiency, and convenient access for your merchandising needs.
Case Height
We offer cases in 2 heights (83"and 88"). This lets you choose based on your space, style, and function needs. Whether you want compact or tall cases for increase product variety, our options help you create the best shopping experience while upholding our quality.

ORMC83D only

Hybrid™ Open Multi-Deck options
Eliminate the need for a refrigeration system in your back room with a field-installed top-mount condensing unit kit. A Hybrid™ display cases allow for superior accessibility, making installation and maintenance simple.


Comparison to other product families
Highlight Cooler Crystal Cooler Crystal Cooler French Doors Reveal Multi Deck w/ Doors
Overview Our workhorse cooler to meet your varied needs The modern design and options add functionality to your display Merchandise your product to the fullest with French doors A unique solution tailored to enhance your retail environment
Applications Daily/Deli, Beverage, Produce, Fresh Meat, Bakery, Fresh Seafood, Floral Daily/Deli, Beverage, Produce, Fresh Meat, Bakery, Fresh Seafood, Floral Daily/Deli, Beverage, Produce, Fresh Meat, Bakery, Fresh Seafood, Floral Daily/Deli, Beverage, Produce, Fresh Meat, Bakery, Fresh Seafood, Floral
Design Style Traditional Contemporary Contemporary Transitional
No of doors 1,2,3,4,5 2,3,4,5 2,3,4,6 2,3,4,6
Door Width 30″ 30″ 24″ 24″
Door Height 68″ 74″ 74″ 69″
Facings (5/6 door) 68.2 ft 2 74.4 ft 2 69.8 ft 2 63.4 ft 2
Packout (5/6 door) 136.4 ft 3 146.8 ft 3 133.4 ft 3 132.1 ft 3
Tall Option  Yes (73″ door) No No Yes (74″ door)
Hybrid Option Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rear Load No Yes Yes No
Back-to-Back No No No No
Ultra Narrow No No Yes No
Back-to-Back Ultra Narrow No No Yes No
Back-to-Back Tall Yes No No No
Deep No Yes Yes No
High Humidity Yes Yes Yes No


Responsible Energy Conservation

Your customers might be interested to know that your new display coolers save up to 84% in annual energy costs over open multi-deck cases. This is good for the environment and helps keep your operating costs down with lower utility bills. For every Crystal Merchandiser® case purchased, the new “Responsible Energy Conservation” decal is provided to help you share this message with your customers.