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Ultra Narrow: Our Latest in Responsiveness

The physical footprint of a store can limit how it’s merchandised. A floor plan must find balance between the space used for shelving and displays and the aisle space that is available. Both are important to the store, and both demand a certain amount of room without jeopardizing the effectiveness of the other. At Zero Zone, we pride ourselves in our responsiveness to customer needs. To address this challenge, we present our innovative solution: the Crystal™ Merchandiser Ultra Narrow display case.

Designed with gondola shelving in mind, the Ultra Narrow fits neatly at the end of a gondola as a grab-and-go end cap case. The Ultra Narrow is also available as a space-saving back-to-back unit—a mere 55″ from handle to handle—which fits in line with shelving.

“They look terrific, and they are doing everything we want,” a store manager said about the new case. “Customers have really taken to them.” Consider the benefits of the Crystal™ Merchandiser Ultra Narrow display case, the Zero Zone solution for merchandising in limited areas.

View or download the product sheet and press release! Ultra Narrow and Back-to-Back Ultra Narrow spec sheets are also available.