Hybrid™ Display Cases

Product Overview

Zero Zone Hybrid™ freezers and coolers combine all of the benefits of a self-contained display case with the selling power and reliability of a supermarket case, but are remote cases configured with a remarkably easy-to-install, top-mount modular refrigeration kit. Offering superior durability and flexibility, our Hybrid™ merchandisers provide you with a dependable and versatile solution for the enhancement of your refrigerated and frozen food products. Our Hybrid™ display cases can be used for all grocery applications: bakery, beverage, dairy, deli, floral, frozen food, meat, produce, and seafood.

No Compromise, No Complications

  • A 2-door Hybrid™ has the same capacity as a typical 3-door self-contained unit… in 12″ less floor space!
  • Cases fit through 80″ tall doorways.*
  • The case and condensing unit are pre-wired and labeled.
  • Refrigerant is pre-charged and does not require brazing or evacuation.
  • Secure refrigeration connections virtually eliminate leak concerns.

*Optional base configurations are available to fit Crystal Merchandiser® Hybrid™ cases through doorways as low as 80″. Consult factory for details.

A Hybrid™ for Any Case

Our entire family of cooler and freezer display cases—the Crystal Merchandiser®, Highlight Merchandiser®, and Reveal Merchandiser®—can be ordered as a Hybrid™*.

  • Pre-charged refrigeration piping with threaded quick-connect couplings.
  • Electronic control includes time clock, temperature and defrost control, visual and audible temperature alarm, and network communication capability.
  • Shroud covers the top-mounted refrigeration components. (Front and sides standard, rear optional).
  • Condensate removal system: collection pan, pump, float switch, condensate dissipation pan with heater element, and connecting tubing.

*Not all case configurations can be ordered as a Hybrid™. Consult factory for details.

Air-Cooled Condensing Units (ACCUs)

Our ACCUs define the Zero Zone Hybrid™ product line, powering the reliable display cases you trust. ACCUs can be set up per case or as a lineup, depending on your needs. These are perfect for small format stores such as convenience stores or dollar stores, and they can be used for special displays in medium or large stores.

  • Optional network communication capability is available upon request.
  • Noise reduction kits with insulation help contain sound.
  • 20 1/4″ tall aluminum shroud standard. Other options available.

Liquid-Cooled Condensing Units (LCCUs)

Our LCCU ETP (Liquid-Cooled Condensing Unit Electronic Technology Package) is a total package from Zero Zone that includes a condensing unit, controller, pump skid, and Hybrid™ display case. It is a seamless alternative to a high-charge rack system for your medium to large stores.

  • Condensing unit uses a DC compressor and electronic expansion valve (EEV).
  • Controller optimizes operation, monitors performance 24/7, and maintains consistent product temperature.
  • Network communication capability comes standard with LCCU ETP.
  • Cooled by a glycol/water loop through a Zero Zone pump skid.
  • Optional motorized condenser fluid regulating valve.
  • Insulated and enclosed condensing unit housing for reduced noise.
  • Low-profile condensing unit with 10″ tall aluminum shroud standard. Other options available.

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