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Industry Leading Display Power Proven to Drive Sales

Reach-In Coolers

When it comes to energy efficiency, ease of installation, adaptability to space and product, lighting, and display capabilities, our line of Crystal Merchandiser Reach-In Coolers are second to none.


Fresh Meat
Fresh Bakery

Built in the USA, these innovative display cases maximize the energy efficiency of a closed-door case with the visual display power of open multi-decks. Using industry leading lighting technology and advanced cooling, Crystal Merchandiser reach-in coolers reduce energy costs, reduce product shrink, and improve display capabilities to drive more sales.

  • Up to 84% Annual Energy Savings
  • Up to 50% Less Shrink
  • Up to 35% More Facings
  • Up to 25% More Packout


Improve Your Product Display & Shopping Experience with a Crystal Merchandiser Reach-In Cooler
Reach-In coolers designed to save on energy, hold more product, & display more variety.
Innovative Product Lighting
ChillBrite LED lighting for the brightest, most even, reliable product illumination on the market
Rugged, Reliable Structure
Internal, reinforced steel end frames ensure superior structural integrity for the entire case
Easy Cleaning
Removable honeycombs for quick and easy cleaning
Easy Installation by Forklift
A reinforced bottom assembly with steel forklift plates save on unloading and installation time
Unmatched Insulation
2.5” thick ceiling, bottom, back, & end panels provide the thickest insulation in the industry, limiting energy waste
Reliable Temp Readings
NSF thermometers provide precise temperature readings
Easy Maintenance Access
A top electrical encloser provides quick and easy access for maintenance
Comprehensive Product Support
Work with a dedicated product expert from ordering through installation


Ultra Narrow

To fit your floor plan, consider an RVMC24 as an ultra narrow supermarket or grocery store reach-in display case. It is 10 5/8" narrower than our standard depth cases.

Back-to-Back Ultra Narrow

The ultra-narrow option can also be ordered back-to-back, reducing the space between cases and opening more floor space. Shown in photo joined to ultra-narrow.

Rear Load Accessibility

Both the standard and the deep models can be configured as rear load making it easier and more seamless to stock directly from a walk-in.

Hybrid Configuration

Eliminate the need for a refrigeration system in your back room with a field-installed top-mount condensing unit kit. Hybrid display cases allow for superior accessibility, making installation and maintenance simple.

Deep Option

The RVMC24 and RVMC30 can be ordered as a deep case with a bottom wire rack that is 4 3/4" deeper, which can increase product capacity by up to 28%, helping you make the most of your space


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