Reach-In Display Coolers and Freezers

Product Overview

The Highlight of Your Store

The Highlight Merchandiser® continues to be the most popular Zero Zone case due to its high quality, reliability, and durability. You will love the versatility of this product line and its many available models. We know this dependable display case will be the highlight of your store!

The Highlight™ freezer is the favorite freezer among retailers. It is available as a Tall case (with an extra 5 inches of vertical merchandising) or an Extended case (with an extra 3 inches of depth). It can also be ordered as a space-saving Back-to-Back (72 3/8″ from handle to handle).

The Highlight™ cooler with 30″ wide doors is available as a Tall case (an extra 5 inches) or as a Back-to-Back (72 3/8″ from handle to handle). The Highlight™ cooler can also be ordered with 24″ wide doors to fit into a 4′ planogram.

  • Available as a Hybrid™ case with a field-installed condensing unit kit
  • Reduced Energy Consumption ~ Lower Operating Costs
  • Robust Structural Integrity ~ Built to Last

CoolView® Envision® Doors

The Highlight Merchandiser® comes with our own CoolView® Envision® doors. At either 68″ or 73″ tall, they provide excellent product visibility. Our engineering team specifically designed and optimized the Envision® doors after extensive lab testing to provide the best balance of energy efficiency and protection from condensation.

“With our high-humidity environment, I have found that [Zero Zone] has been a perfect match and that we’ve had zero issues with sweating and humidity coming onto our product.”

– General Manager of a Louisiana Retailer

ChillBrite™: Making Product “Pop”

Retailers love our ChillBrite™ LED Lighting, which makes product color “pop!” When Zero Zone made 24″ deep shelves standard for the Highlight Merchandiser®, we optimized the lighting so it evenly illuminates product across the entire display. With more bulbs per light stick and lower energy consumption than dated fluorescent lighting, ChillBrite™ lights it right.

“As the product is bought, you get enough lighting that it still pops even if it’s back [on the shelf]. The ChillBrite™ lighting has been phenomenal.”

– Owner of a Kansas Retailer

“The lighting shows the natural color of the product, of the meat, of the case, of the package. I haven’t noticed it fading any product, and the cool lighting helps keep the temperature down in those cases.”

– Market Manager for a Texas Retailer

Look for state and federal incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency in your area: Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)

Obtain proof for incentives for ChillBrite™ Lighting from the DesignLights Consortium: DLC Qualified Products List