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Crystal Merchandiser® Display Cases
RVMC24 (Cooler w/ 24″ Doors)
RVMC24D (Deep Cooler w/ 24″ Doors)
RVMC24RL (Rear Load Cooler w/ 24″ Doors)
RVMC24DRL (Deep Rear Load Cooler w/ 24″ Doors)
RVMC24UN (Ultra Narrow Cooler w/ 24″ Doors)
RVMC24BBUN (Back-to-Back Ultra Narrow Cooler w/ 24″ Doors)
RVMC30 (Cooler w/ 30″ Doors)
RVMC30D (Deep Cooler w/ 30″ Doors)
RVMC30RL (Rear Load Cooler w/ 30″ Doors)
RVMC30DRL (Deep Rear Load Cooler w/ 30″ Doors)
RVLC30 (Freezer w/ 30″ Doors)
RVLC30IM (Ice Merchandiser w/ 30″ Doors)

Highlight Merchandiser® Display Cases
1RHCC30 (1-Door Cooler w/ 30″ Doors)
RHCC24 (Cooler w/ 24″ Doors)
RHCC30 (Cooler w/ 30″ Doors)
RHCC30T (Tall Cooler w/ 30″ Doors)
1RHZC30 (1-Door Freezer w/ 30″ Doors)
RHZC30 (Freezer w/ 30″ Doors)
RHZC30E (Extended Freezer w/ 30″ Doors)
RHZC30T (Tall Freezer w/ 30″ Doors)
RHZC30IM (Ice Merchandiser w/ 30″ Doors)

Reveal Merchandiser® Display Cases
ORMC(75/80)-MX (75″ or 80″ Meat Exclusive Multi-Deck)
ORMC(80/82)-PX (80″ or 82″ Produce Exclusive Multi-Deck)
ORMC82-B (82″ Beverage Multi-Deck)
ORMC82-DP (82″ Dairy/Deli/Produce Multi-Deck)
ORMC82-M (82″ Meat Multi-Deck)
ORMC87-B (87″ Beverage Multi-Deck)
ORMC87-DP (87″ Dairy/Deli/Produce Multi-Deck)

Hybrid™ Display Cases
RVMC24 (Crystal Merchandiser® Hybrid™ Cooler)
RVMC24D (Crystal Merchandiser® Deep Hybrid™ Cooler)
RVMC30 (Crystal Merchandiser® Hybrid™ Cooler)
RVMC30D (Crystal Merchandiser® Deep Hybrid™ Cooler)
RVLC30 (Crystal Merchandiser® Hybrid™ Freezer)
1RHCC30 & 1RHZC30 (Highlight Merchandiser® 1-Door Hybrid™)
RHCC24 (Highlight Merchandiser® Hybrid™ Cooler)
RHCC30 (Highlight Merchandiser® Hybrid™ Cooler)
RHCC30T (Highlight Merchandiser® Tall Hybrid™ Cooler)
RHZC30 (Highlight Merchandiser® Hybrid™ Freezer)
RHZC30T (Highlight Merchandiser® Tall Hybrid™ Freezer)
RHZC30IM (Highlight Merchandiser® Hybrid™ Ice Merchandiser)
ORMC82 (Reveal Merchandiser® Hybrid™)
RHZC30 LCCU ETP (Highlight Merchandiser® Hybrid™)
RVMC24 LCCU ETP (Crystal Merchandiser® Hybrid™)

Crystal Merchandiser® Cooler (RVMC) Manual
Crystal Merchandiser® Freezer (RVLC) Manual
Highlight Merchandiser® (RHCC & RHZC) Manual
Highlight Merchandiser® (RHCC & RHZC) Installation Quick-Start Guide
Evolution™ (RVCC & RVZC) Medium & Low Temp Manual
Evolution™ (RVCC & RVZC) Medium & Low Temp Manual (French)
Reveal Merchandiser® (ORMC) Manual
Reveal Merchandiser® (ORMC) Installation Quick-Start Guide
Hybrid™ Manual
Refrigeration Systems Manual
ColdLoop™ Glycol Secondary Systems Manual

Case Caulking Instructions
Case Cleaning Instructions
Case Unloading Instructions
CoolView™ Door Maintenance Instructions
NSF Thermometer Instructions
Shroud Installation Instructions
Reveal Merchandiser® Mirror Installation Instructions
Reveal Merchandiser® Night Curtain Installation Instructions
Reveal Merchandiser® Under Shelf Light Installation Instructions
ArmAssist™ Installation Instructions

Door Manuals
Zero Zone CoolView™ Doors
Gemtron Pre-2009

Electronic Controller Manuals
Kelvin II Superheat Controller
E2 Controller
ERC2 Cooler
ERC2 Freezer
ERC2 Ice Merchandiser
Dixell Cooler
Dixell Ice Merchandiser
Dixell XR40C
Dixell XR40CX
Dixell Controller for OMC Cases
Carel Controller for OMC Cases
Carel Controller IR33 Programming – Cooler & Freezer
Carel Controller IR33+ Programming – Cooler & Freezer
CPC – Cooler
CPC – Freezer
CPC Programming

Discontinued Products
Hybrid™ Evolution™ Installation & Operation Manual
XL Freezer

Full Line Brochure
Highlight Merchandiser® Brochure
Crystal Merchandiser® Brochure
Hybrid™ Brochure
LCCU ETP Brochure
Reveal Merchandiser® Brochure
Systems Brochure
Edge™ XT Brochure
Outdoor Parallel Systems (OPS) Brochure
ColdLoop™ Ice Arena Chillers Brochure
Systems Industrial Brochure
Industrial Controls Brochure
Small Retail Format Brochure
Zero Zone Green Report

Product Sheets
Crystal Merchandiser® RVLC30 Freezer Product Sheet
Crystal Merchandiser® RVMC24 Product Sheet
Crystal Merchandiser® RVMC24UN Ultra Narrow Product Sheet
Crystal Merchandiser® Beverage Product Sheet
Crystal Merchandiser® Dairy Product Sheet
Crystal Merchandiser® Deli Product Sheet
Crystal Merchandiser® Fresh Meat Product Sheet
Crystal Merchandiser® Produce Product Sheet
Crystal Merchandiser® – All Applications
Reveal Merchandiser® MX Meat Exclusive Product Sheet
Reveal Merchandiser® PX Produce Exclusive Product Sheet
Edge™ Horizontal Product Sheet
Edge™ Vertical Product Sheet
Electrical/Mechanical Centers Product Sheet
Natural Refrigerant Systems
ArmAssist™ Product Sheet

Case Studies
Citrus Systems – “An Industrial Work of Art”
Don’s Quality Market – “Cold Products & Hot Sales”
Fresh Madison Market – “Taking Fresh to the Top of the Green Scale”
Unger Meat Company – “From Ranch to Grill”
STMA Ice Arena – “Breaking the Ice”
Crown Coliseum – “The Ultimate Home-Ice Advantage”

White Papers
Crystal Merchandiser® Fresh Meat White Paper
EPA 2017 Refrigeration Regulations

High-Glide Refrigerants: What’s the Point?
Minimizing Risk with Low-Charge Ammonia Systems
Mission: Freshness
We’ve Got Your Back
State of Refrigerant Regulations

Guides & Reports
Reach-In Case Model ID Chart (Nomenclature)
Open Case Model ID Chart (Nomenclature)
Case Color Chart
24″ Door Lineup Lengths
30″ Door Lineup Lengths
Crystal Merchandiser® 30″ Door Lineup Lengths
Crystal Merchandiser® Tip Sheet
Zero Zone Customer Satisfaction Survey Report

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