Display Freezers with 30″ x 74″ Doors

Product Overview

Energy Savings with Style

In keeping with the design philosophy of the Crystal Merchandiser® family, the RVLC30 is engineered to be as energy-efficient as possible.

  • ChillBrite™ LED Lighting – Makes products pop and operating costs drop.
  • SSC fan motors – Provide exceptional airflow with lower cost of operation.
  • Surface-Mounted Doors – Optimized for energy efficiency and clear time.
  • 2 1/2″ Foam Panels – Keep the cold inside with the industry’s thickest end panel.

Minimized Clear Time

The Crystal Merchandiser® display freezer takes product visibility to the next level. Shoppers can conveniently see their frozen favorites down an entire lineup thanks to its energy-efficient heated-glass fog removal technology.

“The doors are nice and big and you get a really good presentation. I think they are beautiful…”

– Organic Department Manager


Hold More Product

The RVLC30 display freezer has impressed retailers with its ability to maximize merchandising space. With its extra interior space, retailers are able to increase product variety; something shoppers can also appreciate. Also available as an ice merchandiser.

“We gained one shelf all the way across the entire case.”

– Meat Manager


More Options for You

The RVLC30 display freezer offers a wide range of customizable features to meet your exact requirements.

Back-To-Back Model

The back-to-back model allows for 8 1/2″ of additional usable aisle space and up to 9% additional refrigeration energy savings on an already energy-efficient case

Hybrid™ Model

Zero Zone Hybrid™ display cases are a combination of standard Zero Zone remote cases with a field installed top-mount condensing unit kit. Since everything is in one convenient location, maintenance and installation is made easy.


RVLC30BB (Back-To-Back)

Look for state and federal incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency in your area: Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)

Obtain proof for incentives for ChillBrite™ Lighting from the DesignLights Consortium: DLC Qualified Products List