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Step Inside and Get Inspired

You have great ideas for your stores, but it is challenging to bring them to life. As you consider the possibilities, Zero Zone is here to help, and the Zero Zone Technology Center is the place to get inspired. Picture this…

As you enter the building, you’ll be greeted with the sight of our main conference room through impressive double glass doors. As you continue walking, you’ll see a mural that honors our legacy of innovation, quality, and responsiveness. Turn the corner and admire a vintage Zero Zone freezer that operated for nearly 30 years.

Get your shopping carts ready! Just past the mural and vintage case, you will feel like you are stepping into a real grocery store. Our main showroom exhibits a fantastic collection of Zero Zone display cases for all applications, including frozen food, ice cream, beverage, wine, dairy, floral, bakery, prepackaged meat, fresh meat, bagged produce, and fresh produce. Compare how different products look between an open multi-deck and a reach-in display case. Black interior, white interior, different exterior colors, we have it! All of our main product lines are displayed—the industry-leading Crystal Merchandiser®, the robust Highlight Merchandiser®, and the sleek Reveal Merchandiser®. We also show off special case configurations such as Ultra Narrow, Back-to-Back, Rear Load, Tall, Meat Exclusive (MX), and Produce Exclusive (PX). And don’t forget about our fully operational Hybrid Merchandiser™, which keeps drinks cold for your visit.

Glancing around the main showroom, your eyes will fall on double stainless steel doors. Do we have more cases back there? No, it’s our systems showroom featuring our Edge™ XT (exterior) distributed system. This system is designed to be installed outside of your store, so it is built with heavy-duty steel housing to withstand the elements. Our systems showroom also gives you a glimpse at our extensive refrigeration system capabilities, which run the gamut of indoor and outdoor systems, large parallel systems and single compressor units, and a wide range of refrigerants, including CO2 transcritical and ammonia. Our experienced team is on the forefront of refrigeration technology, and our engineers have contributed to the IIAR’s CO2 Task Group and the ASHRAE Handbook.

Walking out of our systems showroom, you’ll see a door and a long hallway that you may have missed before. This leads to our state-of-the-art DOE Research & Development Test Labs. Our engineers are actively improving our products every day, and this facility is an impressive sight!

The Zero Zone Technology Center is a wealth of information and inspiration that you have to see for yourself. Whether you are looking for merchandising ideas and new display cases for your stores, or if you want a behind-the-scenes look at our innovation at work, let our refrigeration professionals help you find your inspiration at the Zero Zone Technology Center. Sneak a peek at our Technology Center Video and then contact your Zero Zone Sales Representative to arrange your visit. You’ll be glad you did.